Royal Academy of Arts: Bronze

Royal Academy of Arts London, Bronze ExhibitionBust of Anima Dannata by Massimiliano Soldani Benzi, modeled after Gianlorenzo Bernini, Damned Soul, 1705-07, Bronze, 39 x 27.5 x 28 cm.

Stopped by the Royal Academy of Arts to catch their exhibition in the main galleries on bronze sculptures. With long anticipating crowds, I was the lucky guest of a VIP friend and therefore swept on past the long lines, but brace yourselves otherwise.

Royal Academy of Arts London, Bronze Exhibition

Head of Horse, 2nd or 1st Century BCE, Bronze, H.81 cm, Pug by Hubert Gerhard, c. 1600, Bronze, 45 x 23 x 65 cm.

The large exhibition was thematic and featured a range of antiquities ranging from figures, heads, gods, animals and objects as well as a few more modern works of art using the highly durable medium of bronze. My favorite section would have to be the figures section which displayed some amazing large-scale ancient Florentine males or more accurately warriors of physique. Oooooo, intrigued yet?

Royal Academy of Arts London, Bronze ExhibitionIt was a lovely exhibition but I suppose it might not appeal to everyone by catering to a very specific audience. The exhibitions that I’ve so far had the pleasure of seeing at the Royal Academy have all been tremendously good with beautifully curated, extensive collections of the best quality. Well worth a visit!


3 thoughts on “Royal Academy of Arts: Bronze

  1. The pug is adorable!!
    I’ll have get one like it for my future apartment since it’s difficult to make it work with a real pug.

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