Ballgowns Exhibition at the V&A

British Glamour Since 1950It’s been far too long since my last visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum, so to make up for my absence and celebrate the reunion, I made sure to catch their spectacular Ballgowns “British Glamour Since 1950” exhibition. And, what a treat it was to see! It was beautifully put together with some truly exquisite pieces on display. I think this exhibit would make a lovely addition to their permanent collection, but oh well, we can’t have everything!

British Glamour Since 1950

The ground floor acted as a retrospective, focusing on to die for historic ballgowns such as this fabulous fur cuffed coat and dress ensemble, seen above. What I wouldn’t give to live in an age where people still dressed like this, très chic. Yes, I certainly wouldn’t mind sweeping into an equally elegant room dressed in this outfit with hmmm shall we say the ever so handsome Cary Grant on my arm! Stunna…

Then, the mezzanine featured contemporary ballgowns by designers such as Giles Deacon, Matthew Williamson, Alexander McQueen, Mary Katrantzou and more. But, in all honesty my heart lay with the ground floor designs. There’s just something so undeniably elegant and mysteriously exciting about the past compared to the present. However, regardless of where your preferences lie, I’d certainly advise anyone and everyone to see this beautiful exhibition before its demise on January 6, 2013. Hurry and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Ballgowns Exhibition at the V&A

  1. Being hundreds of miles away from London, all I’ll see of this exhibition are the photos you have posted. So thank you for that. Yes. a far cry from the ubiquitous jeans and disparate layers that pass as suitable attire for any occasion today. Always wondered, though, in those days before central heating and double glazing, how women survived in these flimsy dresses, buffeted by draughts in chilly, damp venues.

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