Tim Walker at Somerset House

Tim Walker: Storyteller, Somerset House London

In keeping with a white Christmas, why not stop by Somerset House for a glimpse into the magical world of the talented fashion photographer Tim Walker through the exhibition Story Teller. I really can’t stress the magical and incredulous factor enough as some of the props and sets used in the original photo shoots are included alongside his gorgeous photographs. Although it might not be entirely clear in the photograph, this elegant swan is actually a boat or at least the frame of one. If up to par, I certainly wouldn’t mind taking it out for a casual spin around either the lake in Hyde Park or possibly even the ponds of Kew Garden given that the winter temperatures improved significantly.

Tim Walker: Story Teller, Somerset House London


This photograph of superstar actress Helena Bonhem Carter left me wondering where her other half Tim Burton was. The two Tims (Walker and Burton) share a taste for theatrics by staging stunning atmospheres and creating fascinating characters through the use of their own preferred mediums.

Tim Walker: Story Teller, Somerset House London

The exhibition is free admission and open until January 27th, so swing on by if you think you dare…


5 thoughts on “Tim Walker at Somerset House

  1. About that swan, couldn’t you just imagine it with sled runners on the base, pulled by a couple of albino reindeer, whizzing across the ice and snow, lounging in the back snuggled in cashmere and fur (faux, of course), the arms of the one you love around you. Christmas dreams! Have a great one.

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