Up, up and away…


さよなら Tokyo! After a super lush holiday spent back home, it’s now time to fly back to reality a.k.a London.



Not only do I like to travel in style, but I also like to be well prepared. Should the airplane food fail me, then I have a trusted box of sushi in my carry-on. It’s just not worth the risk of feeling hungry during a 10 hour flight.



4 thoughts on “Up, up and away…

  1. Always traveling in style!
    What do you wear when traveling? I’m always struggling to find a combination of comfortable and presentable in case I end up rubbing shoulders with important people.

    • When traveling, comfort is absolutely essential. However, flip flops and a hoodie are a total no no as you never know who you’ll bump into or be seated next to ;) I tend to opt for something simple yet classy.

      This could be black pants, with a one tone flattering t-shirt (uniqlo has a great range in a variety of colors). Then a soft, cozy cardigan is perfect should the cabin or terminal be cold and then accessorize with a necklace, and wrist watch as it’s important to keep track of those departure times! This way, I’m not only prepared for navigating my way through the terminals but I’m also comfortable and wouldn’t be embarrassed bumping into someone unexpectedly.

      Best of luck on your next travel!

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