Hachiko Shibuya TokyoBumped into this little cutie outside 109 while out and about in Shibuya. It goes without saying that this crowned chihuahua drew big crowds (mainly girls) preoccupied with exclaiming “かわいい” (cute/adorable) and snapping pics with their blinged out pink cell phones.

Shibuya, Tokyo

Hachiko Shibuya TokyoThe chihuahua has a friend through the Hachikō monument outside Shibuya Station which was unveiled in 1934 after the incredibly sweet story of the relationship between a golden brown akita dog named Hachikō and his owner Hidesaburō Ueno. The story goes that Hachikō would meet his owner at the end of every day by Shibuya Station and continued to do so daily even nine years after his owner’s passing. If that’s not dedication, then I don’t know what is. A film has also been made inspired by the true tale starring Richard Gere and entitled Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale (2009).

Shibuya, Tokyo Be warned, Shibuya and Tokyo in general is not for the faint hearted as weaving through infinite crowds of people is a daily occurrence. You’d think that it might be a bearable experience during the weekday and within office hours but as I think this picture proves it makes little difference.


Tokyo in Full Bloom

Tokyo, Japan in BlossomI’ve now escaped the cold, dull, rainy weather of London by trading it in for a bright and sunny Tokyo. Hurrah, I’d begun to forget what actual sunlight felt like!

Tokyo, Japan Cherry BlossomsThe plum and cherry blossoms are in full bloom here and couldn’t be lovelier. One of my missions while being back home is to secure myself a さくら (cherry blossom) frappuccino which will officially mark my transition into spring. They’re absolutely delicious!

Japanese Ikebana Arrangement by Akane TeshigaharaI stopped by 目黒雅叙園 (Meguro Gajoen) to catch a stunning いけばな (ikebana) flower arrangement exhibition that featured the impressive work of what can only be described as absolute masters. Above arrangement by the Sogetsu school iemoto, Akane Teshigahara.

The exhibition was held in the old Gajoen that was originally established in 1931 as a Japanese restaurant/banqueting annex that is marked as one of Japan’s cultural assets. What makes the building unique is not only the stairway of 100 steps that one has to climb in order to gradually be exposed to a number of rooms located on different levels but the incredible traditional paintings, lacquer work and tatami mats that create a historic atmosphere. Then, combined with the amazing flower arrangements it made for an unbeatable atmosphere.

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonIf you’re anything like me and tend to enjoy watching silver screen films all weekend long, you might just appreciate this wonderful new collection on display in the fabulous Belmacz gallery. It gives a glimpse into the notoriously private world of Swedish screen siren Greta Garbo through items from her personal wardrobe including everything from elegant gloves, straw hats, dresses, handkerchiefs, a cooking apron, and a fabulously unique yoga suit.

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonThe collection also features some wonderful inspired-by pieces such as this terrific Stephen Jones jersey ski cap, inspired by a hat Garbo wore in the film Ninotchka (1939).

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo London

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonFilm, glamour, style, fame, fortune and a secret admirer too? It seems like Miss G had it all as this silk scarf with a personal love telegram stating Greta I love you guess who I am -r seems to prove. I wonder who it could be from…

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo, Belmacz GalleryGarbo may have been best known for her glamorous, feminine film persona but off camera she preferred to dress in more masculine attire. Letting Garbo’s personal flair be an inspiration for modern icons such as us, Manolo Blahnik created these ‘Piola’ brogues, which will be available to order for September delivery. Exciting, I’ll certainly be keeping a look out for them!

Xhibit 2013

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 ExhibitionAs promised, here is a view into the completed Xhibit 2013 exhibition. I’d like to think that the other curators and I did a great job and didn’t offend any of the artists too much with the placement of their artwork. Enjoy!

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Behind the Scenes of Xhibit

Xibit UAL London 2013As a lovely commentator mentioned in my last post, I just finished co-curating UAL’s latest art exhibition Xhibit. So, before I show you the completed product I thought I might share a few snap shots revealing the less glamorous side of the work that goes into curating and putting on exhibitions which is the busy, messy and very technical side of it all.

Xibit UAL London 2013Although the empty exhibition space might seem slightly daunting at first glance, it’s actually a very exciting process like being able to work on a blank canvas and arrange something entirely from scratch. Planning, a good eye and some careful measuring are essential skills to have. A friend recently compared the art of curating to interior decorating and they definitely had a point, as both involve the intricate arrangement of objects with regard to color combination and artistic effect in order to create an atmosphere and whole.

Xhibit UAL London 2013The fact that Xhibit didn’t require submissions to have a common theme and the work was selected through a panel of judges that weren’t involved in the curating of the exhibition made our task slightly more difficult however, nothing that a team of pros couldn’t handle. Xhibit welcomed entries and submissions from current students across all of the six colleges that make up UAL with the aim of showcasing a selection of the up and coming talent.

Xibit UAL London 2013The selected artists this year included Haffendi Anuar, Andrej Bako, Arthur Beardmore-Gray, Farhad Berahman, Charlie Chrobnik, James Clapham, Macovei Dani Costin, Injoo Lee, Hyunjeong Lim, Tuli-Gal Litvak, Rafaela Lopez, Annalaura Masciavè, Isabelle May Tollitt, Kota Okuda, Lesley Omara, Philip Rhys Mattews, Pippa Roberts, Svetlana Stein, Marianne Thoermer, Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman, Adriano Vessichelli, Demelza Watts, Longwen Wei, Alexander Wood and Anna Zavialova.

Xibit UAL London 2013, The Team: Linnea Nilsson, Osei Bonsu, Xenia Ma, Edward Robinson, Elif Onan, Giulia Sartori Conte The team.


Art13 Olympia, London FairI have a new found interest and drum roll please… it’s attending art fairs! Yesterday I attended the fabulous new modern and contemporary art fair Art13, held in the Olympia Grand Hall.

Art13 London Fair Sculpture by Eilís O'ConnellConetwirl by Eilís O’Connell, 2008, Carbon fibre and epoxy resin, 300 x 530 x 250 cm.

Art13 Olympia London Art FairHaving recently attended the London Art Fair 2013 in Islington, which presented some of the great names of 20th century modern British art, as well as other contemporary art through the 130+ galleries featured, I couldn’t help but compare that experience to Art13. Although I enjoyed the Islington London Art Fair, Art13 somehow felt much more exciting, impressive and international with artwork from some of the world’s leading galleries on display from 30 countries.

Art13 Kensington (Olympia) London Art FairPaintings, photography, sculpture and prints were proudly on display in the beautifully arranged gallery spaces. The fair felt open and very inviting, allowing a seamless flow of cohesive aesthetics, ideas and trendy visitors. It was such a beautiful atmosphere!

Art13 Kensington (Olympia) London Art Fair Boat Sculpture by Artist Zhu JinshiThe interior view of the large-scale installation Boat by Zhu Jinshi, 2012, Xuan paper, bamboo, cotton thread, 1200 x 350 x 600 cm.

Art13 Olympia London Art FairI thought the fair was absolutely terrific and I certainly wouldn’t mind spending yet another day exploring the many artworks on show in finer detail and discussing them with their obliging gallery representatives. March 3rd is the last day of the 3 day long fair so be sure to take the time to stop by for a visit!