A Life in Colour

DSCN5678If you love a good color explosion then the Kaffe Fassett exhibition A Life in Colour at the Fashion and Textiles Museum will prove a sheer delight, if not be sure to keep your sunglasses on for your own safety. And, to give fair warning I’ll also disclose that the exhibition leans towards arts and crafts, mainly textiles with minimal fashion of just a few sweaters and some embellished beanie hats.

Kaffe Fasset A Life in Color Fashion and Textiles Museum LondonThink ethnic bohemian with influences from oriental porcelain, traditional geometric Islamic art and Renaissance decorative arts.

DSCN5564A glimpse into Kaffe Fassett’s sketchbook.

FTM Fashion and Textiles Museum London

DSCN5590Collections of his quilting, needlepoint, knitting, mosaic work as well as a few of his paintings are all proudly on display next to clear points of inspiration.



A Beautiful Day On Bond Street

DSCN5467I’m now back in London and the city has been kind enough to greet me with some much appreciated beautiful weather. The sun is out and it’s finally beginning to feel like spring.

Bvlgari Jewelry

So, while some opted to spend their day on grass, surrounded by trees, I choose to spend my day in Mayfair and Soho, gallery hopping, luxury shopping and then ending up at a mini music festival on Berwick Street Soho where the celebration of Record Store Day was in full swing hosting live music performances on a stage in the street. All in all, it was a fabulous day!

Canali Bond Street LondonHeavy wool suits are now being traded in for lighter cotton and silk ones such as these gorgeous suits by the luxury Italian menswear brand Canali. It’s so refreshing to see something other than the regular bland black suits parading the streets. And yes, I do realize that the suits are in fact grey but something like fuchsia would simply burn my eyes as I much prefer classic, cool colors especially on a hot summery day. Then, it also doesn’t hurt to imagine the perfect tall, dark handsome man of your dreams to fill the suit. Ahhh… one can dream right!


DSCN5470Directly outside of the Bond Street Burberry store was a coalition protest to abolish the fur trade. Drama!

グッチ・カフェ (Gucci Café)

DSCN5372For those of you that don’t already know, I absolutely adore all of the wonderful naughty things that people try to stay away from during their diets and that is pâtisserie. In all honest to god truth, could you say that your life isn’t that much better when biting into a  really tasty tarte aux framboises, tart aux fraises, or gelato? I decided to treat myself with just this at Gucci Café in Ginza, Tokyo. On the dessert menu was black currant gelato with an orange tart. Total bliss!

DSCN5380Let me be your reminder to indulge once in a while, there really isn’t a better feeling!

Road Trip! Destination: Mashiko

DSCN5192Taking a mini break from busy Tokyo, I’m hitting the open roads on a quest to find the treasures of Mashiko, the pottery village. The rather rural village is roughly a 1.5hrs drive from Tokyo and is thought to house some mighty fine pottery and ceramics. This is some of what I found. Enjoy!


DSCN5199For those of you who are up for getting down and dirty, in need of a new challenge, or simply looking to express yourself can also try your own hand at pottery making.



Mashiko Pottery Village Japan 益子


Fendi Un Art Autre

Fendi Art Autre Exhibition TokyoIf there’s one exhibition that you absolutely have to visit it’s Fendi Un Art Autre, Another Kind of Art, Creation and Innovation in Craftsmanship held at the university museum of Tokyo University of the Arts. It’s a fabulously well curated exhibition that showcases some of the Fendi brand’s finest work over the years, including both garments and the fur samples from which the garments are born.

DSCN5308If you have something against fur then I’d strongly suggest you sit this one out, otherwise there’s a section where you can pet away on some lush fur samples such as a heavenly soft chinchilla fur that won my heart at first touch.


Cardigan, scarf and silk blouse: linneabylinneanilsson

Before leaving cloud nine, I made sure to pick up a catalogue as there are some experiences that you just wish would never end.

Inside Fendi Un Art Autre CatalogueA sneak peak into my new catalogue and the ultra stylish coat that was on show in the exhibition.

DSCN5357Reow, one of the many samples that was also on display throughout the exhibition.

南青山 (Minami Aoyama)

Cartier, Minami Aoyama Tokyo JapanEnjoying the finest of what 南青山 (Minami Aoyama) has to offer. Shopping in the luxury brand’s uniquely designed buildings is seriously a treat and I’m loving the architecture!  The Cartier building designed in the shape of a diamond by architect Bruno Moinard, 2005. Then, in the background is the “Jewels of Aoyama” designed by Jun Mitsui and Associates, 2002.

Pleats Please Issey Miyaki Minami Aoyama Tokyo JapanPleats Please Issey Miyake boutique window.

Prada Tokyo Minami Aoyama JapanThe Prada building by the architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, 2003.

Miu Miu Tokyo Minami Aoyama JapanThe Miu Miu building.

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, JapanOne of the great things about Tokyo is that you never know what you’re going to find tucked around the corner from you. You can be smack down center in the middle of tall, modern skyscrapers and then find yourself an oasis that takes you right back in time to a very different kind of life.

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, Japan

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, JapanJapanese Shinto shrines can be found all over the city and most of the time you stumble upon them while out and about on an entirely different mission. They act as a wonderful reminder to take a few seconds out of your otherwise busy life and breathe while enjoying a bit of spirituality in a quiet, secluded sanctuary.

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, Japan

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, JapanOne of my favorite things is the fierce torii gate alleyways that lead to the shrine(s) and remind us that we are now entering another world.

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, Japan

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, Japan

品川神社 Shinagawa Shrine Tokyo, Japan

Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces

Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces Exhibition at Idol Tokyo, JapanStopped by the Marc Jacobs special retrospective exhibition Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces held at the Idol venue in the Aoyama district of Tokyo which showcases several archived works from the Marc Jacobs collections.

Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces Exhibition at Idol Tokyo, Japan

Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces Exhibition at Idol Tokyo, JapanOn show was also a selection of advertising campaigns which includes famous stars such as Victoria Beckham, Dakota Fanning, Sofia Coppola and Winona Ryder, all shot by
photographer Juergen Teller.

Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces Exhibition at Idol Tokyo, Japan

Linnea Nilsson Marc Jacobs Photo ShootTime to go to work and make history with the Marc Jacobs team.

Linnea Nilsson Marc Jacobs Photo Shoot

Linnea Nilsson Marc Jacobs Photo ShootGoofing off on set with the crew.

Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces Exhibition at Idol Tokyo, Japan

Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpieces Exhibition at Idol Tokyo, Japan

Idol Tokyo, Japan

花見 (Flower Viewing) 代々木公園

Tokyo Sakura Cherry BlossomsToday I went full on Japanese by spending my day in 代々木公園 (Yoyogi Park) admiring the view of countless cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

Linnea Nilsson, Tokyo Harajuku

Yoyogi Park Sakura Cherry Blossom Celebrations花見 (Flower viewing) is a very social activity where friends and family gather underneath the pink さくら (cherry blossoms) drinking sake and enjoy the arrival of spring. Party on everyone!

Tokyo Yoyogi Park Sakura Cherry Blossoms