Road Trip! Destination: Mashiko

DSCN5192Taking a mini break from busy Tokyo, I’m hitting the open roads on a quest to find the treasures of Mashiko, the pottery village. The rather rural village is roughly a 1.5hrs drive from Tokyo and is thought to house some mighty fine pottery and ceramics. This is some of what I found. Enjoy!


DSCN5199For those of you who are up for getting down and dirty, in need of a new challenge, or simply looking to express yourself can also try your own hand at pottery making.



Mashiko Pottery Village Japan 益子



3 thoughts on “Road Trip! Destination: Mashiko

    • Yes, the streets were more or less deserted. There might have been 10 people visible around the village but we arrived quite late. Shops closed at 5, but by that time I had nothing left to shop for so it was a successful outing. Usually, when it is peak season there will be difficulties moving around as it is crowded, Tokyo-style.

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