A Life in Colour

DSCN5678If you love a good color explosion then the Kaffe Fassett exhibition A Life in Colour at the Fashion and Textiles Museum will prove a sheer delight, if not be sure to keep your sunglasses on for your own safety. And, to give fair warning I’ll also disclose that the exhibition leans towards arts and crafts, mainly textiles with minimal fashion of just a few sweaters and some embellished beanie hats.

Kaffe Fasset A Life in Color Fashion and Textiles Museum LondonThink ethnic bohemian with influences from oriental porcelain, traditional geometric Islamic art and Renaissance decorative arts.

DSCN5564A glimpse into Kaffe Fassett’s sketchbook.

FTM Fashion and Textiles Museum London

DSCN5590Collections of his quilting, needlepoint, knitting, mosaic work as well as a few of his paintings are all proudly on display next to clear points of inspiration.




6 thoughts on “A Life in Colour

  1. That was the fashion of the period. Chunky and ethnic, loud colours and even louder patterns. I remember Kaffe Fassett at craft fairs in the 70s and 80s, possibly into the 90s too. He had quite a following amongst those who wanted to build knitting businesses of their own. Still have knitwear from that period…it doesn’t wear out.
    You probably know of him, but a person in the Scottish Borders who made an even greater impression was Bernat Klein who lived and worked in the Borders and for a time supplied many fashion houses. I thought his archive was at Heriot Watt University’s Netherdale campus in Galashiels (it used to be as I saw an exhibition of items from it there) but having Googled it I see the National Museums Scotland now have it. This press release has no date but items from the archive don’t yet seem to be on display. I think I have photographs from the exhibition I saw. Must see if I can find them. – http://www.nms.ac.uk/about_us/about_us/press_office/press_releases/2011/klein_acquisition.aspx

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