Diary of a Somebody – Day 2

It’s another early morning which seems to be a reoccurring theme for this week. One of the best things in life is getting to sleep a full 10 hrs and waking up to sunshine but that seems like forever ago. Luckily, my schedule for next week should be a little slower unless I book it up at the last minute as is often the case when emails and event invites fall into my inbox. What’s life without a bit of spontaneity right? Today I’m up for an early meeting with my team in order to get some last minute face time so that we can make any small last minute changes and discuss final details before tomorrow when it’s presentation time. We have been working intensively for about two weeks sorting out an exhibition proposal for a gallery (which shall remain anonymous for the time being) from start to finish. It will be exciting to see what the panel thinks and has to say about the final pitch.

Afterwards I´lI stop by the gym to get my fitness on (urgh) but also to blow off some steam before tomorrow. Even though the meeting is over, the team and I continue to coordinate as perfectionists never rest.

I take time to watch the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, which is one of the most intense F1 races, due not only to its spectacular location but because of the narrow and unforgiving streets in which it is set. Intense! Granted, I didn’t watch it live, which would probably have made it even more so but I simply didn’t have time during the weekend (May 26th) when it took place.

Picture 9

It’s now almost midnight which forces me to wonder where has the time gone!?Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

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