Destination Brighton

Brighton EnglandWhen planning my escape to Brighton I had hoped for sunshine and nice weather but instead I got chilly winds hmph…. However, I wouldn’t let a little bad weather get in the way of my big adventure so I carried on like a trooper and had a fabulous time.


DSCN6341For lunch I went full on British and indulged in some of “the best fish ‘n’ chips in Brighton” from the Palm Court restaurant on Brighton Pier before heading on towards the entertainment and rides offered a bit further down on the Pier.

DSCN6344 I imagined Brighton to be a relatively small, picturesque beach front town but instead I experienced it as any other modern town filled with a mix of unique beautiful little shops and then the typical unattractive tourist shops and fast food chains. There was even a version of the London Eye!

Brighton Pier EnglandWhilst on the Brighton Pier I got a total déjà vu of the first time that I visited Santa Monica Pier in California. Piers can be so much fun and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the view tends to be great.

Brighton PierYee-haw, my all time favorite fair ground ride is without a doubt the merry go round. Cheesy maybe but undoubtedly a classic! What’s yours?

Swan Lake with the English National Ballet

Swan Lake Performed by English National Ballet at Royal Albert Hall LondonGot my culture fill on with a beautiful performance of the classic Swan Lake performed by the English National Ballet at Royal Albert Hall. Although I’ve seen numerous performances of Swan Lake by other ballet companies I just can’t seem to get enough of Tchaikovsky’s enchanting music and the flouncy white tutus (I want one!).

Swan Lake Performed by English National Ballet at Royal Albert Hall LondonAfterwards I feel as graceful as the ballet dancers who dominated the stage moments before and am on the brink of busting out a few moves myself, striking a few poses and letting my body move to the music.


Louis Vuitton x Natsko Seki

DSCN6195For the avid travelers and London residents/enthusiasts here’s a sneak peak into the perfect book for you. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has paired up with Japanese graphic designer and illustrator Natsko Seki in order to produce this fun take on a travel book. Using a combination of collage, hand drawn illustrations and images made using the latest computer and photographic tools/technique, Natsko Seki captures the urban adventures that London as a city has to offer mixed with a certain amount of affectionate nostalgia towards the picturesque places.

Louis Vuitton Natsko Seki London Travel BookThe book includes a diverse range of locations covering everything from tube stations to museums, iconic buildings, markets, shops, department stores, parks and restaurants. It definitely makes for an interesting read (if you can really call it that since the book doesn’t include text) where time is spent either reminiscing about the time and memories you yourself have of those places or you become curious to visit the places that you’ve yet to properly acquaint yourself with.


Performance Art at Lunch Time

IMG-20130613-00136To witness a performance art piece is a bit of a peculiar experience. I’m sure it’s exactly what it must feel like to get caught in a flash mob event. Today I saw the staging of a lunch time performance piece which consisted of what might have been two of our security guards or actors/volunteers dressed as our building security guards having an audible dialogue about art, what is good and bad art, art teachers, and art education etc.

Standing within white outlined squares, the guards performed as students stopped to listen and watch in anticipation while others simply carried on unfazed with their usual lunch time activities. Even with the white squares around them, they blended into the busy atmosphere very well to the point where they went almost unnoticed. I must admit I found it quite entertaining and look forward to seeing more guerrilla performance art. Just as there are flash mobs with song and dance, there should be more flash performances involving art. Let’s head up the movement!

The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

Picture 1It’s always exciting to attend the many art and design fairs as well as museum and gallery exhibitions that happen here in London. Getting exposed to as much different art, names and practices as possible really helps piece together the vast art web and put it into perspective but it’s also a great source of inspiration. Sometimes there’s almost too much going on simultaneously making it difficult to find the time to attend.

Deciding to try something new, I made my way over to Pinta: The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Usually art fairs tend to be quite hectic and busy but this one was unusually quiet. I expected to see a completely different and unique aesthetic to the previous mainly European and Asian art fairs and exhibitions that I’ve attended but I was sorely mistaken. I’m not sure if the galleries selected works that they expected would appeal to a British market or if it was simply an accurate representation of trending popular art in Latin America. I expected to see color, a bit of exoticism or something in the style of José Chávez Morado’s beautiful Carnaval en Huejotzingo (1939), or in the spirit of Frida Kahlo, Francisco Oller. Instead there was a lot of white and neutrals with small accents of color in sharp geometric forms. I have absolutely nothing against neutrals, in fact I usually prefer them but with almost an entire fair it got a bit monotonous. However, there were some gems among the masses which makes the search all worth while.

Diary of a Somebody- Day 5

Today I’m indoors sketching for a new collection that I’ll continue to work on in Tokyo over the summer. I like to get a bit of a head start whenever I can and the ideas are flowing so I manage to get quite a few sketches out of it. The clothing line will be a perfect complement to the new additions in my jewelry line. I think I’ll even go so far as to create an original print for my designs as it feels so much more genuine and personal than picking up something from a popular fabric shop. For London, my go to store tends to be Cloth House on Berwick Street that stocks beautiful, wholesome linen and cotton fabrics. Overly synthetic materials make me cringe so they are definitely out of the question.


The weather is beautiful and it’s finally t-shirt and shorts weather again so I decide to head outdoors so that it’s not wasted. I take a walk through Kensington Park where much to my amusement they’ve installed a merry-go-round. I simply can’t resist reliving fond memories from my childhood so I hop on for a few rounds. My all time favorite ride at amusement parks and fair grounds was always the merry-go-round so I couldn’t be happier! It feels like I’m the female and more stylish version of Owen Wilson’s character in the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris (2011) when he nostalgically and mysteriously finds himself going back to the 1920s every day at midnight. It’s absolutely charming!

After a dizzying few spins on the merry-go-round I make my way over to Wholefoods to stock up on some groceries for a dinner soirée that I’m planning. I simply can’t resist their delicious Chaumes cheese, kalmata olive spread and freshly baked bread. I’m hoping my guests will be equally taken.