Diary of a Somebody- Day 3

I’m up at 7 am this morning so that the team and I can fit in a quick rehearsal before the spotlights come on and it’s presentation time. I’m confident and certainly no stranger to giving presentations in front of large audiences and often those that are much larger in comparison to what I will be standing before today. The presentation goes very well, both the audience and panel seem genuinely amused and are hopefully equally impressed.

The presentations conclude just before 1:00 pm. Upon exiting the theater, I notice that the sun has made a welcomed appearance. The streets are busier than usual as hermits venture outside their protective shells and embrace the bright, warm rays. What started as another gloomy weather-wise day has turned into a splendid one. I quickly remove my black stockings and two layers of clothing, discretion is my goal. As I make my way down a long winding path towards the tube, I find that I’m almost relieved to reach the darkness of the underground as the impromptu weather change meant that I had packed an umbrella instead of sunglasses, which is what I really needed.

In order to celebrate the end or possibly just the beginning of this particular project, I picked up a large celebratory almond croissant in order to properly indulge. After that me and a couple of friends headed out to grab burgers at Byrons. They make some of the best hamburgers and french fries, my go to order is their mature cheddar cheese burger served with lettuce, tomato, red onion (not too much, onegaishimasu) and a touch of mayonnaise. I highly recommend it if you’ve yet to try.

iPads can surely be a nuisance; hello, I’m here, be social and don’t ignore me kind of thing… Whatever, I slip mine out with the hope that no one in my immediate surrounding will notice (yes, right?) only to write a quick message to the 21_21 design sight, an ambitious project by Issey Miyake, to let them know that I’ll stop by when I’m heading home, whenever that will be as I have yet to make plans. As usual… The 21_21 design sight was designed by acclaimed architect Tadao Ando, who truly has some amazing projects, like the Teatro Armani, (but the list is endless) inspired by Japanese culture, zen and ma, space.

The World of Interiors, Architectural Digest MagazinesI also picked up some exciting reading that should keep me entertained during the weekend. Have a good one darlings!

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