Tokyo City View


Greetings from a bleak looking Tokyo! But don’t let the lack of bright sunshine fool you as it’s still ridiculously hot here, much to my dismay. I’m trading in London and in exchange will be spending the summer in Tokyo where I’ll be up to my usual adventures.

DSCN6663I visited the 六本木ヒルズ (Roppongi Hills) city view observation deck to reacquaint myself with the city and get a great bird’s eye view of the packed city.



4 thoughts on “Tokyo City View

    • Fog, smog, overcast, you name it… Nothing like Beijing though, but who knows, as someone assured me when I lived in Bangkok and was concerned about the pesticide spraying in the house. “Not dangerous, doesn’t smell”.

      It’s been really hot here so do enjoy cooler weather. Have a great summer too.

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