Tips For Beating the Heat

DSCN6713In the sweltering summer heat it’s especially important to know your limits. My tips for beating the heat and keeping your cool is with the help of some stylish accessories. Just because it feels like I’m physically melting away under the overbearing warmth of the sun doesn’t mean that I have to let my style and dignity go out the window as well. So, be sure to:

-Keep hydrated, if in an indulgent mood perhaps with some bubbly and refreshing Perrier or San Pellegrino.

-Carry an elegant pair of sunglasses that will always come in handy be it by shielding your precious eyes from the bright rays or hiding from demanding paparazzi (as so often happens to us civilians).

-Cotton handkerchiefs may seem slightly old fashioned but prove a great solution for wiping away any uncomfortable sweat that might accumulate on your face and neck while out and about. Upon arriving back home simply throw it in the washing machine and hey presto, good as new. *For any fellow perfectionists out there might I recommend ironing as well to achieve that extra neat and crisp look.

-Always carry a fan with you in case of emergencies, this season I have a new glamorous Céline fan that has been my absolute savior.

Stay safe out there everyone!


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