The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities

DSCN7968Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the country in order to travel and see the world. You can still get your cultural fill by visiting small and slightly obscure museums such as this, the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden.

DSCN7975Although small, the museum displays antiquities from Egypt, Cyprus as well as Greece and Rome. In order to take full advantage of what the museum has to offer, I suggest viewing the collection in combination with a tasty light lunch at their Bagdad Café. The interiors are simple but their feta cheese, aubergine salad with olives and pine nuts is absolutely amazing.

DSCN7971I certainly wouldn’t mind bringing a few of the beautiful white marble statues from the collection home with me. Imagine the stunning interiors and baroque garden that could be created with such additions.

4 thoughts on “The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities

  1. I fancy them in the garden, peeping out from behind plants. Then I could have a little chat with them when out hanging out washing or picking lettuce. Pick their brains about plots and characters for my writing. My newly published book In the Wake of the Coup has a Roman Senator in it – odd.

    • They are simply stunning!
      A Roman senator – I’m hooked. Have ordered the book to Tokyo so it will make my Christmas read when I get back.

      Still haven’t quite gotten over the 100 people,.. That would take me a couple of minutes to run into/over at the station.

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