Liu Xiaodong at Lisson Gallery

DSCN8489Back when I was living in Beijing, China and would frequent 798 Art District I saw an exhibition on Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong’s latest work at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. So, when I saw he was coming to London and the Lisson Gallery I simply couldn’t stay away and let my curiosity get the better of me.

Liu Xiaodong at the Lisson GalleryThe recently closed exhibition included a few large paintings of London pub scenes and family life, sketches, but mainly appeared to focus on a series of smaller photography works as seen below applying paint to the surface of photographs.

Liu Xiaodong at Lisson Gallery

DSCN8495His paintings displayed at the Lisson Gallery had the same quick, broad brushstrokes that leave a few areas of the raw canvas exposed. Something of which I slightly disapprove of given my own background in fine art yet it works for his style.

DSCN8493Over the course of six weeks Liu Xiaodong documented his encounters with London and for his work focused on three local businesses, two pubs and a coffee shop. To me, it was an exhibition that became the meeting of two worlds.


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