Mariko Mori at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo

Infinite Renew Exhibition By Mariko Mori at Espace Louis Vuitton TokyoInfinite Energy I, II, III (triptych).

Infinite Renew Exhibition By Mariko Mori at Espace Louis Vuitton TokyoRenew I.

One of the key elements to a good exhibition is sensitivity to space. When the right art meets the right space it can make for a fabulous show and this is exactly what happened with Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo when presenting their 8th exhibition so far entitled Infinite Renew by Mariko Mori.

Infinite Renew Exhibition By Mariko Mori at Espace Louis Vuitton TokyoBirds II.

DSCN9196Espace Louis Vuitton is a modern exhibition space with tall floor to ceiling windows with a view out over the fashionable street of Omotesando and surrounding areas. However, the space transformed into a carte-blanche in order to accommodate Japanese artist Mariko Mori’s high-tech sculptures built out of fiber glass, mirrors, LED, and a real-time control system that allows the LED lights to change colors depending on visitor’s moment. The result was a wonderfully unique exhibition that looked like something out of a science fiction film with its white on white sterility and only a hint of soft glowing color in the Infinite Energy triptych spirals.

Merry Christmas from Tokyo

DSCN9045Season’s greetings and merry Christmas everyone! I’m back in Tokyo to spend some quality time with those dearest to me while also squeezing in some time to catch the latest exhibitions, do a bit of shopping and fine dining.

Merry ChristmasIt seems like Tokyo has fully embraced the Christmas spirit with its kawaii (cute) decorations, infinite lights that hang in trees and line the streets and Christmas music playing on repeat one in the department stores. Enjoy the festive season!


Body Language at Saatchi Gallery

DSCN8929Tombstones: Marianne Vitale’s Markers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) 2011, Reclaimed lumber, Dimensions variable.

DSCN8931Denis Tarasov’s Untitled (from the Essence series) x 40, 2013, C-print, Each; 119.2 x 101.5 / 101.5 x 119.2 cm.

DSCN8901Kasper Kovitz’s Carnalitos (Arana) 2010, Imberico ham and concrete, 31 x 47 x 29 cm and Carnalitos (Unamuno) 2010, Imberico ham and concrete, 50 x 29 x 29 cm.

DSCN8957American Native #2 by Eddie Martinez, 2012, Oil, spray paint, and collage on canvas, 213.4 x 305 cm.

DSCN8946Richard Wilson’s 20:50 site-specific oil installation, 1987, used sump oil and steel, dimensions variable.