Cire Trudon at 36 Chiltern Street

DSCN8536As the days are still short, dark and cold, I find myself increasingly relying on the comfortable light and warmth provided by candles. One of my favorite candle boutiques is Cire Trudon that lies tucked away on 36 Chiltern Street, a quite street in Marylebone, only a short walk from my second home the Wallace Collection.

DSCN8535The beautiful little boutique stocks a full range of iconic pillar candles with cameos, wax busts, perfumed candles and room sprays that are simply oh so decadent. One of my favorite perfumed candle scents would probably have to be Abd El Kader with top notes of spearmint, lemon, blackcurrant bud, apple, ginger, clover, a middle of jasmin and a base of vanilla.

Fornasetti InteriorsThe boutique also has a dedicated Fornasetti section.


4 thoughts on “Cire Trudon at 36 Chiltern Street

  1. Has Audrey Hepburn sneaked in there? Personally, I’m a fan of tea lights. They burn to nothing, more or less. I find the larger the candle, the more problems you have with trying to burn it for more than a few hours then the melting wax buries the wick. Though perhaps I’m buying the wrong candles…

    • Wrong candles it is… On the other hand, I had never seen candles that burned evenly and without burying the wick before either. I first came across Cire Trudon candles when I was in Paris and brought a few in a variety of sizes and shapes with me back to London. This was before they opened their little boutique here. Since then I´m a fan. Something to keep in mind though is that they are quite heavily scented so they should be kept away from the dinner table, just like lilies.

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