The Art of Ikebana – Lesson 1

Ikebana VasesI’ve recently begun the journey towards honing the skill and art of Japanese いけばな (ikebana) flower arranging. In my journey I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the best ikebana artists here in Tokyo to help instruct and inspire me.

Ikebana with Linnea NilssonAs I’m just starting out my first lesson is to create a basic upright style moribana arrangement where the stems need to be precision cut and precision placed at fixed angles on a spiky kenzan. There are three main parts to the arrangement which are the shin placed at a 10˚~15˚ angle, soe at 45˚, and hikae at 75˚. After the three main stems are perfectly placed it’s time to accessorize with jushi subordinate stems that add volume and depth to the arrangement as the kenzan is not supposed to be visible.

Ikebana MaterialsThe studio is filled with interesting add-ons that can make fabulous arrangements truly spectacular despite what they might look like carelessly piled in the studio corner. But I’m far from the stage where I get to go off textbook so it’ll have to be something to look forward to in the future as I progress.

Ikebana Materials

Ikebana VasesThere are also many interesting vases in the studio but again those will have to wait until I get a little further along.

Linnea Nilsson's IkebanaHere’s my first ikebana arrangement in its completed stage. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “The Art of Ikebana – Lesson 1

  1. Congratulations! I´m impressed with your first arrangement. When your set arrangement has been judged, why not take the time to go completely creative and try your hands at one of the containers with a freestyle? I agree, you really have access to some interesting containers.

    • Tack för de snälla orden! Jag har precis börjat men tycker att det är jättetrevligt. Så klart får jag massor av tips från mamma. Hoppas att ni alla mår bra. Alla hälsar härifrån värmen. Kram Linnea

  2. As precision in placing is integral to this, creating balance, what happens when the lilies bloom? Surely they must spoil the original concept. Or is that taken into account in the design? Or perhaps when that happens you throw the lot out and start again. Shows how little I know about this, my flower arranging being little more than stuffing flowers and greenery into whatever vase comes to hand.

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