Chanel, シ ャ ネ ル

My Louis Ghost chair meets my Chanel makeup and jewelry. A must have in any darling’s makeup kit is the ultra stylish Chanel nail polish. My favorites are their Pearl Drop, Flamme Rose, and Violette colors. Elegant, discrete and always appropriate.

Their lipsticks work wonders as well. I chose these specifically to coordinate with my le vernis but also because they look amazing on. Same goes here, elegant, discrete and always appropriate. Perfect!

(Window displays of garments: Chanel, Ginza)

The Bvlgari Dream

Shopping in the notorious luxury district Ginza, Tokyo can put quite the squeeze on your funds, especially when the object of one’s desire lays on a divine Bvlgari necklace with a price tag of 86,730,000 Japanese Yen. Yikes! Perhaps the only shopping I’ll be doing is window shopping but one can dream, right?

To coordinate with the necklace, these matching earrings are perfection. Price tag: 9,345,000 Japanese Yen, quite the bargain in comparison. It must be a dream to deal with precious darlings such as these on a daily basis.

The Bvlgari dream is Bvlgari everything! I have a special weakness for their Leoni and Monete collections.

I die! Their Mediterranean Eden jewelry collection is absolutely delicious, it is a colorful garden of precious symbols and materials. My birthday and Christmas wishlists are officially done, hurrah! Let s hope Santa’s feeling generous…

Marie Antoinette and Ladurée

Feeling inspired and motivated after seeing the Table of Marie Antoinette article in the Japanese Best Flower Arrangement magazine, I decided to create my own version of the table of Marie Antoinette. Featuring my favorite macaroons from Ladurée and my lovely Cire Trudon Marie Antoinette candle which I picked up earlier this year in their Paris boutique. Yum to both! What say you, a table fit for a queen?

Click here for the post from when in Paris!

Feeling the Heat!

As the summer heat is quickly closing in, it proved extremely hot earlier this evening as I attended the Big British Bang Fashion Show at Selfridges.

A fabulous event previewing this season’s sexiest men’s underwear and swimwear collections over cocktails proved an absolute hit with everyone for obvious reasons. Gaping, drooling mouths seemed infectious; myself hardly an exception!

Spiritual inspiration

Let me know what you do when you run out of inspiration! I travel, I observe and get absorbed as I let myself get inspired. Huhehot is the capital of Inner Mongolia and really culturally diverse. It was founded back in 1580 by the Mongol ruler Altan Khan.

I do feel a special bond with Buddhist temples as they make me feel at ease. The colors, the smell of old wooden structures, the tranquility, the incense… Let me share some color with you from the Wuta Pagoda.


ImageImageImageImageImageImage  Image



My future home

In the midst of portfolio preparations and end of the year projects, I’ve rewarded myself with a mental break, not down, but rather a daydream. This is how I envision my future home. Gorgeous, don’t you think?

Rosendal Palace, a royal pavilion in Stockholm, Sweden, was built back in 1823-27 for King Karl XIV Johan. It was designed by architect Fredrik Blom in European Empire style or Swedish Karl Johan style.


Soul spa – Japanese garden


The Japanese gardens, just like the Chinese, were designed for aesthetic pleasure, recreation – as an extra room, or meditation and contemplation. They worked like a spa for the soul, and still do. Often the tea house gardens were more rustic. Typical features of the roji, (roji =dewy ground) tea house garden, are the lanterns, toro, and stepping stones, tobi ishi.

Hard to believe that you’ll find this garden in central Tokyo, don’t you think?


Fish Therapy

2010-12-26 @ 15:33:18

After an exhausting and terribly fun day of shopping, I was still feeling adventurous and managed to convince my beautiful sister to try fish therapy with me. Inspired by an episode of Ugly Betty, I figured this would be the perfect way to unwind and come out with some gorgeous feet. Seeing that it was our first time we were both terrified to our cores, not knowing what was going to happen.

Eeeeek!!!!! It took a while but the fish must have been hungry and obligingly ate. The entire time we were bursting with laughter at the tingly sensations caused by the fish. It was truly an experience! :) Gorgeous, there are now two ladies with silky smooth feet!