Condé Nast – Brides the Show

Vicky Rowe Wedding Dresses Now what could be better than spending a magical evening getting inspired by Condé Nast Brides the Show – Where Stylish Weddings Start? Everything from flowers, gowns, stationery, cakes, venues, classic cars and honeymoon destinations are presented to the plenty at the fair which began this evening and runs until 4pm on October 5th at Business Design Center, Islington. The stunning wedding dresses featured above, which look as though they might have come straight from the set of a lavish party as seen on Downton Abbey are by designer Vicky Rowe.Luxury event styling and design by Platinum Raspberry. Platinum Raspberry
Wedding CakeSo whether you have a groom or not, stop by and get some inspiration and contacts for your next big fête. I’m seriously tempted to pick up a big, beautiful bridal cake to celebrate that it’s Friday, who’s with me? Have a great weekend!

The Art of Ikebana – Lesson 1

Ikebana VasesI’ve recently begun the journey towards honing the skill and art of Japanese いけばな (ikebana) flower arranging. In my journey I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the best ikebana artists here in Tokyo to help instruct and inspire me.

Ikebana with Linnea NilssonAs I’m just starting out my first lesson is to create a basic upright style moribana arrangement where the stems need to be precision cut and precision placed at fixed angles on a spiky kenzan. There are three main parts to the arrangement which are the shin placed at a 10˚~15˚ angle, soe at 45˚, and hikae at 75˚. After the three main stems are perfectly placed it’s time to accessorize with jushi subordinate stems that add volume and depth to the arrangement as the kenzan is not supposed to be visible.

Ikebana MaterialsThe studio is filled with interesting add-ons that can make fabulous arrangements truly spectacular despite what they might look like carelessly piled in the studio corner. But I’m far from the stage where I get to go off textbook so it’ll have to be something to look forward to in the future as I progress.

Ikebana Materials

Ikebana VasesThere are also many interesting vases in the studio but again those will have to wait until I get a little further along.

Linnea Nilsson's IkebanaHere’s my first ikebana arrangement in its completed stage. What do you think?

Uppsala Botanical Garden

DSCN7526When the weather is as gorgeous as this, there’s nothing quite as nice as taking advantage of it by being outdoors. Therefore, I chose to spend my day in the beautiful Uppsala Botanical Garden exploring the park, orangery and tropical greenhouse.

Uppsala Botaniska Trädgård, Uppsala Botanical Garden

DSCN7550The botanical garden also offered a very flattering vantage point for viewing the 16th-century royal castle.


DSC_0120Apart from exotic plants and beautiful landscapes there was also a series of stunning photographs on exhibit that took its inspiration from plants such as linnaea or linnéa.


Uppsala Botaniska Trädgård, Uppsala Botanical GardenIn the orangery there was an art exhibition by artist Ulla Viotti entitled brick garden and also a terrific cacti house that made me want add a few cacti to my otherwise only orchid collection.

Uppsala Tegel - Trädgård, Uppsala Brick Garden

Ulla Viotti’s brick garden.

DSCN7587The cacti house.

DSCN7593The cacti.


花見 (Flower Viewing) 代々木公園

Tokyo Sakura Cherry BlossomsToday I went full on Japanese by spending my day in 代々木公園 (Yoyogi Park) admiring the view of countless cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

Linnea Nilsson, Tokyo Harajuku

Yoyogi Park Sakura Cherry Blossom Celebrations花見 (Flower viewing) is a very social activity where friends and family gather underneath the pink さくら (cherry blossoms) drinking sake and enjoy the arrival of spring. Party on everyone!

Tokyo Yoyogi Park Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Tokyo in Full Bloom

Tokyo, Japan in BlossomI’ve now escaped the cold, dull, rainy weather of London by trading it in for a bright and sunny Tokyo. Hurrah, I’d begun to forget what actual sunlight felt like!

Tokyo, Japan Cherry BlossomsThe plum and cherry blossoms are in full bloom here and couldn’t be lovelier. One of my missions while being back home is to secure myself a さくら (cherry blossom) frappuccino which will officially mark my transition into spring. They’re absolutely delicious!

Japanese Ikebana Arrangement by Akane TeshigaharaI stopped by 目黒雅叙園 (Meguro Gajoen) to catch a stunning いけばな (ikebana) flower arrangement exhibition that featured the impressive work of what can only be described as absolute masters. Above arrangement by the Sogetsu school iemoto, Akane Teshigahara.

The exhibition was held in the old Gajoen that was originally established in 1931 as a Japanese restaurant/banqueting annex that is marked as one of Japan’s cultural assets. What makes the building unique is not only the stairway of 100 steps that one has to climb in order to gradually be exposed to a number of rooms located on different levels but the incredible traditional paintings, lacquer work and tatami mats that create a historic atmosphere. Then, combined with the amazing flower arrangements it made for an unbeatable atmosphere.

More from Nicolai Bergmann’s Florescence opening party

My sister with Nicolai.

This arrangement outside the floral exhibition space, inspired my sketches below.

How cool is this? Yukata and accessories to die for…

Sister and Amanda, second half of Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design, now watch these shoes…

Alexander Mcqueen skull shoes, a great match with linneabylinneanilsson’s Memento Mori.

Olympic swim team…. yes! Sister with star swimmer Kosuke Kitajima.

Hope you all feel inspired. Have a wonderful weekend!