Swamped with Research

DSCN5916New projects, essays and assignments usually means that the cycle of research and background reading is about to begin anew. Here’s just a glimpse of what I’m currently reading.

Curating Subjects, Curating and the Educational Turn Books



Photo Shoot at Kew Gardens

As I’ve now finished for the year, I suppose there’s no harm in sharing what I’ve been up to. For our last and final project this semester, we had to choose our own theme and I of course chose home sweet home, Japan.

After doing infinite research into various aspects of Japanese culture both modern and traditional, I decided to produce a garment as my final piece/product. Made from scratch, I drew the pattern myself and made sure to make it in my own size. Sorry, no size zero for anyone if I had it my way! Wearable is key. Then the hunt for fabric began. I visited Berwick Street where I ended up at the lovely fabric shop The Cloth House. There I settled on organic linen in beige, white and black, my favorite colors.

After that I’d say the rest was rather easy. Ironing, cutting, sewing is the short version and there’s no reason to bore you with the details. And of course, I needed a photo shoot to capture the idea/view point of my garment so I wanted to draw a link to my inspiration, motif and Japan.

After a bit of location hunting, I found my match with Kew Gardens. Not only do they have a lovely Japanese pagoda but also a bamboo garden, minka house, and landscapes. Reow, so much easier than a long flight to Tokyo. A deadline is a deadline! So I packed up my camera, a little snack, my garment and headed to the tube. Lucky me, I had the loveliest weather. But truth, people were getting rather curious when I pulled out the skirt from my handbag, and started clicking away with my camera.

Never mind the audience, as it only added a bit more excitement and energy to the day. The security guards seemed to have no problem with what I was doing and that was all that mattered. No time to get shut down by the popo!

So what do you think? Suiting? Pictures of my final exhibition to come…

Life in the designer lane

Back in elementary school, I started taking design classes as an after school activity. The school offered t-shirt painting, and my t-shirts could basically stand by themselves after I was done decorating them. I don’t quite remember, but I would assume they would have looked something like this although they were 100 % cotton. (photo snapped at 798 art district, Beijing) Image

When I have given talks to middle and high school students about design and my life as an aspiring fashion designer, I have come to realize that the perception of what goes down does not necessarily correspond with what most teenagers think, or rather wish for. Life in the designer lane is often far from glamorous.  


Ides, ideas, ideas… Keeping up with trends at the office.


Part of the job is to scavenge the fabric markets for high quality silk as well as other fabrics.


It is about teamwork and


patternmaking and


sewing machines that do not necessarily cooperate.


It is also cutting,




and making alterations.


It is about making your own samples


and ending up with a product you are pleased with and can stand by. It might look like this


or like this. These are linneabylinneanilsson designs.

Hard At Work

2011-01-30 @ 06:56:51

Apologies for the inactivity on my blog, but sometimes a girl has to work. Lately I’ve been working on several projects at once. Yesterday I finally started filming my psychological art thriller. I’m super excited to see how it turns out. Today I’m heading to the lab to begin editing and see how my clips turned out.

When not filming or editing my time is spent in the studio where I’m currently working on my latest painting.

Just Another Monday

Although it’s only Monday there is no way that I’m going to let that get in my way of becoming the uber fabulous fashionista that I’m destined to be. Even a ferocious beast needs to pass high school science. Therefore my Monday night will be spent inside yet again however, this time instead of reading a delicious Japanese magazine it will be my textbook  :(

Instead of letting the studying get me down, I figured it was time to light some of my extravagant candles and just get jiggy with it. Hopefully my Buddha will give me the power, strength and wisdom to ace my test. Wish me luck!