Sunday, Sunday…

Sunday, Sunday… Marie Antoinette candle from Cire Trudon, Paris, Ladurée Marie Antoinette thé, and what better to indulge in than a little bit of scandalous living with The Queen’s Lover? (by Francine du Plessix Gray, The Penguin Press New York, 2012) 

This historical novel told from the point of view of Count Axel von Fersen, lets you in on the untold love story, phsst, as if there was ever something going on there… between my darling von Fersen and Marie Antoinette. It all begins with a masquerade ball in Paris in 1774 and spans the course of the French Revolution. Fersen joined the French troops in the fight for American independence. Upon his return, France is on the brink of the French Revolution, which calls for an escape for the royal family, an attempt that failed. Back in Sweden, Fersen came to be viewed as the enemy and lost his life to a savage mob. Drama!

Steninge Palace, outside Stockholm, Sweden, is a baroque palace built between 1694-1698 and completed around 1705. It was inspired by Chateau-de-Vaux-le-Vicomte in France. In 1735, it was bought by the Fersen family. Axel von Fersen was murdered in 1810, falsely accused of conspiracy but later acquitted.

Axel von Fersen Memorial

Detached collar

I have now finished the first couple of steps on my detached collar project, so I’m kind of halfway…  I have trimmed the bottom hem, machine stitched it together and changed the button. My current plan is to match it with a t-shirt.

Jewellery: linneabylinneanilsson Memento Mori, Dress and blouse in the background: Jade Jagger

The collar works just as well with or without beads or pearls, if you’d happen to run out of steam.

Match it with some fierce looking earrings, and you’re set.

Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!                                                         

Detached collar

I have to admit, I have never been a devoted fan of arts and crafts or do it yourself projects. Don’t ask me why, but a professionally cut and tailored outfit have always felt more tempting. Visualize Armani, Ferragamo, linneabylinneanilsson :) or something along those lines. Back in 2010 I had a detached collar included in my mini-collection. It was matched with a short skirt and came in Chinese silk. I flipped through the November 2012 issue of ELLE (Japan) and saw this cute Marni collar, which multifunctions as jewellery. Detached collars are back again, or rather, they have now reached the fashion houses. No rules without exception… Time to make your own!

Use a shirt (Sorry dad!), unless you want to make your own collar. This is a great way to reuse and redo. (Works great with the cuffs too.) Just detach the collar from the shirt. If you want to challenge yourself and take your project a step further, change fabrics on one side. Silk maybe? Or, why not a funky print?

Detach the collar. Trim and redo the seam, either by hand or machine. 

Play around with what you have. These beads are transparent, black and violet crystals. Work for men and women alike. (Consider size, weight and material of the beads)

Glass or plastic beads, even small buttons, are possible to wash by hand and usually weigh less than stones or pearls. Keep a towel under your project to keep the beads in place. Change the button and time to bead! Just let the thread run through the upper layer to avoid visible stitches. Sounds like you’d be done in no time… That’s not true!

The pink uneven pearls are dyed, cultivated, sweet water pearls. At the time, this is a highly unfinished project of mine. If it ever changes status, I’ll let you know.

Memento Mori by linneabylinneanilsson

These earrings and long pearl necklace are new additions to my Memento Mori Collection. The name Memento Mori was inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque thematic expression in art, which reminded people of their mortality as death was constantly present in society. My interpretation is live now, make the most of it and don’t get hung up on trivial matters. Not to forget, look fabulous while you’re at it! Carpe diem, anyone?

Have a great weekend!

Plenty by Ottolenghi

Plenty by OttolenghiThis time I have tried to cook up a storm for all of you who feel adventurous and haven’t got the Ottolenghi experience just around the corner. I have prepared a quick and easy, turned out fantastic sallad, from the cook book Plenty (2010), which I recommend. The recipes are based on the vegetarian column from the Guardian‘s Weekend magazine back in 2006. This particular dish I have chosen works wonders (even in dorm kitchens, yikes) both as a dish of its own and with for instance grilled chicken on the side. I bet it works great to mix it in the sallad as well.

You will need:

250 g pasta, sunflower or corn oil, 3 courgettes, 1 ½ tbsp. red wine vinegar, 50 g basil(fresh), 15 g parsley (fresh), 75 g olive oil, 100 g small (frozen ok) soya beans, zest of 1 lemon, 200 g mozzarella cheese, small capers, salt and pepper.

This is how we do it:

Pasta and fried courgette sallad (serves 4)

3 courgettes, thicker slices – fry in oil (sunflower or corn) until golden, let drain, soak in 1 ½ tbsp. red wine vinegar.

Cook (250 g) pasta al dente, rinse in cold water when done.

Green sauce:

25 g basil leaves+ 15 g parsley + 75 ml olive oil = mix in a blender

Sallad bowl:

put pasta, the courgettes, the green sauce, 100 g frozen small soya beans (edamame), grated zest of a lemon, 1 ½ tbsp  small capers, basil leaves and 200 g mozzarella in chunky pieces, stir. Season with salt and pepper according to taste.

Party mood? White wine. Party mood but driving/having an upcoming creative Sunday: Perrier or some bubbly sparkling water is just as great! Itadakimasu…

Wish you all a great weekend and happy cooking!

Shop Names in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya, Omotesando)

Coming back to London, it just hit me that stores around me tend to be named in a rather conventional manner. Shopping in Tokyo on the other hand, can be quite the experience. This little pasttime kick might even put a smile on our faces, but let me be clear –  that’s rarely because of the price tags!

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Tell me, aren’t we all dreaming about trotting those streets with a bag screaming Freak’s Store (フリークスストア) or Rude Gallery (ルードギャラリ)? These fantasy filled bags are sure to make a statement, if not with all so at least among English speaking people. If the thought of what these bags hide or what these stores stock would cross your mind, you’ll probably be surprised, or even disappointed, to find that they aren’t anything to get overly excited about since the names only refer to modern clothing boutiques.

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Spotted this bag on the subway and later ran into this… No whips, chains or rubber garments, just the average, typical girly Tokyo boutique.

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya, Omotesando)

Rude Galllery (ルードギャラリ) Tokyo

Skullcandy (スカルキャンディ) Tokyo

Skullcandy (スカルキャンディ), a Utah based company known for their headphones, and Pigsty & Used Clothing, are just another couple of interesting names, both, or rather all, from the same tiny shopping street that runs between Shibuya and Omotesando.

Pigsty & Used Clothing (ピグスティ) Tokyo

Ever had issues with second hand shopping?

Pigsty & Used Clothing (ピグスティ) Tokyo

Spiritual inspiration

Let me know what you do when you run out of inspiration! I travel, I observe and get absorbed as I let myself get inspired. Huhehot is the capital of Inner Mongolia and really culturally diverse. It was founded back in 1580 by the Mongol ruler Altan Khan.

I do feel a special bond with Buddhist temples as they make me feel at ease. The colors, the smell of old wooden structures, the tranquility, the incense… Let me share some color with you from the Wuta Pagoda.


ImageImageImageImageImageImage  Image



Issey Miyake, Pleats Please

Always exciting to check out what Japanese designer Issey Miyake has to offer when I’m in town. I have a weakness for his pleats.

This unique hat is made from Japanese knotting, which tends to focus on individual knots. Mizuhiko symbolizes togetherness and is usually made from washi, Japanese paper. Each knot is colorful, has a meaning and is used for a special occasion.

Fresh and beautifully neutral colors.