Color Hunting at 21_21 Design Sight

DSCN6759Despite continued rainfall here in Tokyo, my sister and I ventured out into the thick, hot, wet air to visit 21_21 Design Sight where the exhibition Color Hunting directed by Dai Fujiwara is currently taking place.


21_21 Design Sight Color Hunting ExhibitionThe exhibition illustrates the infinite sources of color inspiration available to us through the process of “color hunting”. This design method encourages the exploration of various colors found in nature such as the sky, sea, plants and stars, or the urban environment, etc. as a starting point and to experiment with different shades and color combinations. The exhibition invites viewers to expand their horizons.


21_21 Design Sight Color Hunting ExhibitionColor in Action: Blank Thermometers Scaling Memories by artist Shigeru Moroizumi. The interactive artwork consists of liquid which climbs up in reaction to human body heat when a person applies their finger to the bulb, but we do not know how much the liquid climbs because there is no measuring scale. Viewers are asked to choose a color thermometer marking where the liquid is before applying a finger to a bulb and then record where the liquid stops after a short while. They are then asked to determine what the moving colors might represent and what it means when they come to a halt. Feelings and thoughts are encouraged to be recorded next to the thermometer.

21_21 Design Sight Color Hunting Exhibition

DSCN6815The building itself and the exhibition space of 21_21 Design Sight is absolutely stunning! I’m in love with the raw grey cement walls and floor in combination with the razor sharp cut glass, asymmetrical design and warm mood lighting. I’m ready to move in on a permanent basis!

21_21 Design Sight Color Hunting Exhibition


南青山 (Minami Aoyama)

Cartier, Minami Aoyama Tokyo JapanEnjoying the finest of what 南青山 (Minami Aoyama) has to offer. Shopping in the luxury brand’s uniquely designed buildings is seriously a treat and I’m loving the architecture!  The Cartier building designed in the shape of a diamond by architect Bruno Moinard, 2005. Then, in the background is the “Jewels of Aoyama” designed by Jun Mitsui and Associates, 2002.

Pleats Please Issey Miyaki Minami Aoyama Tokyo JapanPleats Please Issey Miyake boutique window.

Prada Tokyo Minami Aoyama JapanThe Prada building by the architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, 2003.

Miu Miu Tokyo Minami Aoyama JapanThe Miu Miu building.

More from Nicolai Bergmann’s Florescence opening party

My sister with Nicolai.

This arrangement outside the floral exhibition space, inspired my sketches below.

How cool is this? Yukata and accessories to die for…

Sister and Amanda, second half of Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design, now watch these shoes…

Alexander Mcqueen skull shoes, a great match with linneabylinneanilsson’s Memento Mori.

Olympic swim team…. yes! Sister with star swimmer Kosuke Kitajima.

Hope you all feel inspired. Have a wonderful weekend!

Nicolai Bergmann Florescence

Nicolai Bergmann’s fabulous floral art exhibition Florescence is currently on display at 表参道ヒルズOmotesando Hills, Space O, until tomorrow, September 23. Yesterday night the much anticipated reception party kicked off the weekend. This is one of the nights I truly wish I hadn’t been busy in London but could have jetted over. Instead I asked my darling sister to snap a few pictures for all of us to enjoy the party and astonishing arrangements.

This gorgeous arrangement inspired my quick sketch below.

Nicolai signing his new coffee table book Florescence.