Nicolai Bergmann Café Tokyo

Before taking off into the friendly skies, it’s always nice to be well rested and relaxed. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra energy boost.

That’s why I spent my afternoon at Nicolai Bergmann’s Minami Aoyama flagship store, which also happens to have an adorable little café. The gorgeous flower arrangements create the perfect oasis. I just can’t believe I’ll be heading back to London so soon.

Energy boost, I kid you not. This fruity bad boy’s packing a heavy punch of lethal vitamins. Germs be gone!

Nicolai Bergmann, ニコライバーグマン

Now I do declare that the best way to get over jetlag is to have something absolutely fabulous planned early on so that there is no way that you’d want to miss it by staying home sleeping.

For me this meant attending Nicolai Bergmann’s Christmas party. Hosted at his impressive Minami Aoyama flower boutique.

During the party, Nicolai held a demonstration in which he put together a few flower arrangements which could be used as both center pieces for a lovely Christmas dinner or just as decoration.

Nicolai Bergmann and me, wearing my own design, Linnea by Linnea Nilsson.

It was such a lovely evening, filled with beautiful arrangements which made me slightly jealous that my own arrangement skills aren’t exactly up to par. But perhaps in a few years…

Nicolai Bergmann

2011-06-28 @ 20:25:23

While out and about in Copenhagen, I stumbled upon the international flower designer Nicolai Bergmann’s boutique.

Both within and outside of the boutique there were endless fascinating displays and color combinations. Having worked for several years in Japan, I can see where Bergmann gets much of his inspiration from.