London Fashion Week: Style File

London Fashion Week, 2012

What better way to kick off my return to London than by heading over to Somerset House and catching the last day of shows at London Fashion Week. This year my focus lay more on the creatures watching the shows from outside the coveted tents than the looks strutting down the catwalk. Hope you enjoy the compilation of fashion moments captured by my lens!

London Fashion Week, 2012

London Fashion Week, 2012

London Fashion Week, 2012

London Fashion Week, 2012

Is that Lady Gaga that I spot or a very good impersonator?

London Fashion Week, 2012

London Fashion Week, 2012

To relive some of the fashion moments from last year’s fashion week, simply click on the following fabulous links: here, here, here and here!

London Fashion Week, 2012

Whether or not you’re holding a golden ticket to one of the shows, this is the place to go see and be seen during Fashion Week, as you never know who’ll be walking in and out of the tents. It also happens to be a great spectator sport and no matter how fabulous you might be looking, the best accessory you can be wearing is your camera, and believe me, you won’t be the only one!

London Fashion Week, 2012

London Fashion Week, 2012


London Fashion Week, 2012

London Fashion Week, 2012

Jeepers, creepers! A favorite among the Brits as well as on the Tokyo street scene. Edgy or over? I’ll let you decide…

Fashion’s Night Out – Tokyo

Tonight’s the night, it’s Fashion’s Night Out here in Tokyo, Japan! If you missed last years and need a recap follow the link here, but to see the party going on now from the eyes of yours truly, just enjoy below.

The first Fashion’s Night Out event was held in New York in 2009. The purpose was to help encourage shoppers to spend freely on one special evening of the year. The evening was filled with free flowing champagne, luxury goods and the possibility to hob nob with celebrities from the fashion industry. Sponsored by Vogue and the CFDA, the event has quickly become a huge success with such nights now being hosted around the world.


Stopped by my favorite trendy hat boutique on 表参道 (Omotesandō) CA4LA. Fierce party!



I also caught a sneak peek of what’s to come with this winter’s collection. Exciting and soooo beautiful, but it’s not hard to guess why I like it as I’m absolutely obsessed with fluff, puff and feathers (glitter too but shhh)!

CA4LA, Linnea Nilsson

Ralph Lauren started quite a party outside their large 表参道 (Omotesandō) boutique with a graffiti artist working his magic while a DJ pumped up the beats. “Rugby” all the way!

Ralph Lauren

One of two ongoing Marc Jacobs parties in their 表参道 (Omotesandō) boutique Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Nicolai Bergmann

Indulged in a little break from all the people, party and noise by hiding away at Nicolai Bergmann’s lovely café and flower boutique. I recharged my batteries with a delicious fruit shake and a complimentary cupcake before heading out into the crowd but not before enjoying my new setting.

Nicolai Bergmann

With Nicolai Begmann

Look familiar? Not too dissimilar from when I hung out with Nicolai during his Christmas party last year.

Nicolai Bergmann

Exotic animals such as this tropically decked out poodle, could be seen strutting the streets of 表参道 (Omotesandō).

Ai Tominaga

Fleeing celebrities such as Japanese fashion model Ai Tominaga, could be seen leaving the Giorgio Armani party.

Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama

I also had an interesting heart to heart with Japanese artist and latest Louis Vuitton collaboration Yayoi Kusama, must have been the champagne and heat talking as this turned out to be a wax figure instead of the real deal. Too bad, maybe next time!

Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama

My darling sister!

Harajuku Girls, Linnea Nilsson

Yes, the evening was filled with many exciting characters, and meeting new stylish friends around every corner. All in all, a fabulously stylish evening! Night, night darlings, it’s now time to keep the party going all night long with the champagne flowing, perhaps I’ll even enjoy a quick Anna Dello Russo style “fashion shower”.

Vogue Festival

Ohlala, today was spent at the very first Vogue Festival here in London which is a two day event being held at the Royal Geographic Society.

The main goal was not only to celebrate Vogue, a magazine that all self-respecting fashionistas regard holier than the bible, but also to give a firsthand glance into the magical world of fashion, journalism, photography, beauty, and art.

After having seen the Diane Von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress exhibition last year in Beijing at Pace Beijing gallery, I had high hopes for her presentation. Furstenberg did not fail in giving an inspiring speech about the highs and lows that lead her to the point where she is now, with a worldwide known fashion empire.

After Furstenberg’s presentation, it was fashion question time with British fashion designers Holly Fulton, Henry Holland, Roksanda Ilincic, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou, and shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood. Each known for their unique point of view, the designers spoke about their individual expeditions to creating their brands. I picked up on a bunch of great insider knowledge and fed the ambitious entrepreneur in me.

Photographer David Bailey proved quite the ladies man as he flirted with Vogue features director Jo Ellison and frankly the entire crowd. He may be old enough to be my great grandfather but that proved little hindrance as the many girls in the audience were clearly charmed by his lighthearted, no-bullshit personality. We got to hear the hush-hush scandalous secrets and gossip that even shocked most of the Vogue staff. What one hears at the festival, stays at the festival…

All in all, it was a wonderful event that got everyone excited and fueled up. A great success and it’ll be fun to see what next year’s festival brings.

Chinoiserie-on-Sea, Stephen Jones

Darling Stephen Jones’s boutique in Covent Garden always puts a smile on my face. I’d love to see his fabulous fascinators and creations walking down the street next to me but mostly on my own head first! One has to prioritize, naturally!

In that case, I’d want the gorgeous hat to the left with feathers and then a lovely pink one that I saw from his spring/summer 2012 collection. He was inspired by Brighton and its Royal Pavilion so what better setting to wear the sparkling millinery masterpieces! If you have any doubts about me not being able to rock the white one, you’re seriously mistaken, I would look ultra chic! I’d even be tempted to pair it with an outfit that I created with a rather fierce black and white print.

Hyper Japan Festival

Get ready to warp into another world filled with ruffles, bows and hair dye. The Hyper Japan Festival is now in full swing at Earls Court so, why not come and explore your inner cosplay or at least dabble a bit in this fabulously different culture?

Yum! As a tasty treat between exploring the various booths and events planned at the festival, I stopped by the food section and tried some vegetarian yakisoba. Naturally, I was a bit nostalgic as the last time I had yakisoba was in the school cafeteria while growing up in Tokyo. Sadly, I’d say their soba topped the one I had today. Certain memories are hard to beat!

The big event of the day was certainly the CosParade in which cosplay enthusiasts would take the stage strutting their stuff and competing for a selection of prizes. For those of you who are less familiar with what コスプレ (cosplay) is, it’s simply short for “costume play”. So participants get dressed up in costumes often ones which have an obvious reference or is a specific character from anime, manga comic books, or video games.

There is an entire history behind cosplay which I’m not too familiar with so if you’re interested I suppose the best way is to test the waters by attending an event such as this one. Then the next step would perhaps be a trip to Japan and attend the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya. Drama! I can only imagine the chaos as thousands of Japanese cosplay fans crowd the red carpet to get a glimmer of their favorite characters come to life. They can be rather intense so be warned…

Among informative presentations, cooking demonstrations, parades and musical numbers, I witnessed this group of girls perform a little dance routine in front of the crowds to their very own selection of J-pop music. My personal favorite Japanese song would be JOY, by singer Yuki!

I certainly hit the jackpot as I found this adorable little booth selling Japanese snacks and candies. Tofu Cute specializes in kawaii (cute) gifts, snacks, accessories and stationery and you can see their full range on the link.

If you don’t have time to make this year’s festival there’s always another one right around the corner. Next year’s one will be held on February 26th, 27th so get your tickets early!

London Fashion Week Day 2

With today’s weather having been cold, rainy and very windy, looking stylish at fashion week isn’t exactly a priority. If you’re determined to see the shows I suppose braving all kinds of weather is a small price to pay. The atmosphere is almost always guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush and it’s easy to become a junkie. However, if you’re sensible you might stay in the comfort of your own home with a cup of hot cocoa and opt to watch it live via a streaming site. A favorite of mine is Now Fashion where you can see all of the latest looks. But if that’s not good enough, you can always chose to watch the live feed from outside the tents. It can be a rather satisfying experience as you can hear the thudding music from inside the shows as well as see it all happen in the company of fellow fashionistas drooling at the screens. Either way, I find it hard to resist the unbeatable experience of being inside the tents, up close and personal with the clothes strutting down the runway. Love!

London Fashion Week- Central Saint Martins MA Show 2012

It’s officially that time of year again, it’s London Fashion Week at Somerset House! Exciting! Time to put on your finest wardrobe selection and head out on the town.

It’s day one of London Fashion Week and of course the Central Saint Martins MA show is a priority. What kind of student would I be if I didn’t go check out my future stomping ground!

Lights, camera, action. The much anticipated show started about 15 minutes late but that’s hardly anything to complain about when getting a first hand look at the young talents work.

The show had a lot of variety with lots of different view points. Some student’s work focused more on performance art fashion pieces, architecture and fine art, while others were more sportswear in their construction and fabric choices. Clearly I enjoyed some student’s work more than others as the standards were very different. Minimalism, fetishism, and I’d certainly say environmental, political, human rights issues were a hot source of inspiration for certain designers.

Having a bad hair day? Have no fear as the solution is now near, no need to wear a paper bag over your head as one designer came up with these nifty little things. However, I’m not so convinced that they would be practical on a day to day basis.

The show didn’t go without a bit of drama as one of the girls took a fall and broke her shoe midway through the show. Poor soul handled it as gracefully as one can in such a situation. Ouch!

All in all, what an experience! It’s always fun to see runway shows live but this one was a bit extra special when seeing my fellow CSM students works. And, who knows perhaps in a few years time my work may be walking down the very same runway…