Beating the Heat – Coupe Ispahan

Laduree Coupe IspahanWhen it’s as beastly warm as it has been here in Tokyo lately there’s nothing better than cooling down with a decadent frozen treat. My go to treat is Ladurée’s Coupe Ispahan which consists of raspberry sorbet, rose petal ice cream, chantilly whipped cream and lychee.

Desserts Galore at Ottolenghi

OttolenghiThe power of a good dessert is simply undeniable and at the moment I only wish it could cure my winter cold. I’m usually not an indecisive person but the indulgent dessert spread at Ottolenghi has a way of making me completely flustered at the daunting prospect of selecting just one dessert to satisfy my cravings. I’d love to try everything, well almost everything with the exception of any and all cheesecake creations.

OttolenghiThis time around I opted for a rhubarb and raspberry meringue slice and as for next time I’m considering a slice of their luscious chocolate cake. Yum!

Halloween at Krispy Kreme

DSCN8154Now where else if not Tokyo could you expect to find specially themed Halloween donuts in September? The return of Krispy Skremes… starring Caramel Halloween Jack, Orange Chocolate Spider and Purple Potato Mont Blanc donuts is available in Tokyo stores from September 11th – October 31st.

Picture 2Happy early Halloween everyone!

Duke of York Square Food Market

DSCN6473If you’ve yet to spend any time in the charming/luxurious Sloane Square neighborhood I’d suggest venturing over on a Saturday to take full advantage of their tasty Duke of York Square food market just a couple of minutes walk from the tube station. Highlights include the freshly baked patisserie, desserts, breads, cheese and worldly cuisine on offer.


DSCN6475Homemade fudge that blew my tastebuds! As usual I wanted to try them all and couldn’t settle on just one flavor so ultimately I decided to go for a bar of chocolate marshmallow, maltesers, and a pistachio bar. Naughty but oh so delicious.

Brighton Pavilion & Artisan Gelato

DSCN6369Although I find myself physically in Brighton it’s as if I’ve been transported to a foreign, exotic place when looking at and exploring the interiors of the Royal Pavilion. Think Taj Mahal meets Disneyland mixed with lots of chinoiserie and scattered empire style furniture. A bit of a hot mess stylistically which only goes to show the eccentricity and eclectic taste of it’s creator.

Brighton Royal Pavillion

DSCN6435After wandering the long corridors of the Royal Pavilion a hit of sugary, indulgent ice cream seemed only appropriate. Queue Gelato Gusto located in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine serving “artisan gelato” which might just sound like a fancy name for ice cream but given their selection of flavors, they certainly earned the title. Stocking flavors as wild and unique as Turkish delight, red bull sorbet, banoffee pie, maltesers, and blood orange sorbet to name but a few.

DSCN6427Ah I wish I could have bought a big cup with at least 10 different flavors giving me the chance to try the most intriguing ones on offer but alas I settled for a cup with two generous scoops, one of their sea salt caramel and the other maltesers. Yum, worth a trip to Brighton in itself!

DSCN6291I even found Bond Street in Brighton – not London and the excitement started brewing immediately but ultimately the experience was short lived upon realizing that the luxury boutiques I was expecting were nowhere to be found.

グッチ・カフェ (Gucci Café)

DSCN5372For those of you that don’t already know, I absolutely adore all of the wonderful naughty things that people try to stay away from during their diets and that is pâtisserie. In all honest to god truth, could you say that your life isn’t that much better when biting into a  really tasty tarte aux framboises, tart aux fraises, or gelato? I decided to treat myself with just this at Gucci Café in Ginza, Tokyo. On the dessert menu was black currant gelato with an orange tart. Total bliss!

DSCN5380Let me be your reminder to indulge once in a while, there really isn’t a better feeling!

Ladurée Lunching

Ladurée Lunch SandwichIndulging in a Club Champs-Elysées sandwich with dried tomato, aubergine, black olive, courgette, riquette salad, mozzarella, parmesan cheese with pine nut, rosemary and basil dressing. So delicious!

Ladurée Ispahan Pastry DessertThen for dessert a summery Ispahan with rose petal cream, fresh raspberries and lychees in a smooth rose flavored macaroon biscuit. Could life get any better?

キューポット カフェ (Q-Pot Café)

Q-Pot Café キューポット カフェ

Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Tokyo’s adorable dessert キューポット カフェ (Q-Pot Café) in Kita-Aoyama. For those of you who crave Japanese authenticity and/or want to experience part of their extreme かわいい (cute) culture, this is the perfect place to visit. Not only do the interiors remind me of the adorable teacup ride at Tokyo Disneyland but so does the tinkering background music.

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

For those of you who are not that familiar with キューポット (Q-Pot), it is a delicious Japanese accessory brand that specializes in the tasty and fun side of jewelry by immortalizing your favorite sweets and dessert into fashionable statement pieces for your wardrobe.

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

I’m rocking one of their pink macaroon necklaces that looks good enough to eat! If you’re curious to see more of their delectable accessories, just check out their website by following the link – here.

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

Q’s Sachertorte and Berry Macaroon.

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

Sometimes it proves a difficult task trying to distinguish the difference between what’s edible and not. The pink cupcake is actually an accessory for your cell phone as is the mint chocolate chip ice cream scoop and the yellow macaroon is a key chain. The chocolates are rings.

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

I tried their fierce ネックレスプレート (necklace plate) menu which included this absolutely delicious BisQuit Tiramisu dessert. I’m also in love with their fornasetti-esque plate!

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

My stylish lovable sister, who’s not the biggest fan of desserts sampled their リングプレート (ring plate) with a lemon macaroon and chocolates.

Q-Pot Café, キューポット カフェ

Even after straying from my faithful favorite Ladurée by trying Q-Pot Café, I must say that Ladurée still holds a special place in my heart. It’s perfect being able to try new cafés so that I’ll have a selection of choices to choose from depending on what mood I’m in. Enjoy!

Happy Haunting

Dean & Deluca Halloween ChocolateHappy Halloween my precious darlings! Now, whether you’ve already celebrated, are in the midst of a party, or preparing for your weekend hauntings I hope you’ll all get to enjoy some of those tasty treats that come along every October. Anyone dressing up? If so, what’s your costume? I headed to my lectures today decked out in my stylish yet daring skull themed Comme des Garçons blazer. Enjoy ♪ little demon ♪ !


Ottolenghi Notting Hill

Ottolenghi Notting HillVentured out and into the unknown today by stopping by Ottolenghi, a much raved about Notting Hill restaurant/take-out store.

Ottolenghi Notting HillWhat the store lacked in size, it made up for with their large selection of succulent desserts and Mediterranean inspired food dishes.

Ottolenghi Notting Hill

Ottolenghi Notting HillClearly, I couldn’t leave empty handed without having tried at least one of their tasty treats. My choice, a passion fruit meringue tart that made my mouth melt!

Ottolenghi Notting HillI absolutely have to return to try their food menu but on a less busy day! Yum!