Diary of a Somebody- Day 5

Today I’m indoors sketching for a new collection that I’ll continue to work on in Tokyo over the summer. I like to get a bit of a head start whenever I can and the ideas are flowing so I manage to get quite a few sketches out of it. The clothing line will be a perfect complement to the new additions in my jewelry line. I think I’ll even go so far as to create an original print for my designs as it feels so much more genuine and personal than picking up something from a popular fabric shop. For London, my go to store tends to be Cloth House on Berwick Street that stocks beautiful, wholesome linen and cotton fabrics. Overly synthetic materials make me cringe so they are definitely out of the question.


The weather is beautiful and it’s finally t-shirt and shorts weather again so I decide to head outdoors so that it’s not wasted. I take a walk through Kensington Park where much to my amusement they’ve installed a merry-go-round. I simply can’t resist reliving fond memories from my childhood so I hop on for a few rounds. My all time favorite ride at amusement parks and fair grounds was always the merry-go-round so I couldn’t be happier! It feels like I’m the female and more stylish version of Owen Wilson’s character in the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris (2011) when he nostalgically and mysteriously finds himself going back to the 1920s every day at midnight. It’s absolutely charming!

After a dizzying few spins on the merry-go-round I make my way over to Wholefoods to stock up on some groceries for a dinner soirée that I’m planning. I simply can’t resist their delicious Chaumes cheese, kalmata olive spread and freshly baked bread. I’m hoping my guests will be equally taken.

Diary of a Somebody- Day 4

Ottolenghi Notting Hill

At long last I have a morning that allows me to sleep in so I take full advantage and don’t rise until past noon. Since that throws any hopes of having a productive start to my day I head on over to Ottolenghi to have brunch and to catch up with a friend that I haven’t seen in forever. Their food always makes me feel ultra healthy up until the point where I misbehave and order a dessert. I decide to try their rhubarb tart and of course it’s delicious. Both of their cookbooks Plenty and Ottolenghi – The Cookbook decorate my personal library so I know very well what I’m in for. Oh dear, it would be so much easier if I didn’t like cakes, pastry, chocolate and cookies as much as I do.

Then on a full stomach it’s time to get working again. My latest project is a photography one so I bring along my camera (which is with me most of the time anyway) for a stroll around the Chelsea, Notting Hill area and end up taking in the busy sights of Portobello Road. It’s a party, the streets are lively with musicians rocking tunes, antiques exchanging hands, plants, kitschy London souvenir shops, smoothie and food vendors, animals and a ridiculous amount of baby strollers line the streets. Although I often dread overly busy streets, today it works to my advantage as people are exactly what I’m in search of.

I get exactly what I came for but for now I’ll have to wait to reveal the official images to you all. Soon though darlings I promise. On Pembridge Road, I,  like everyone else stops to gawk at the jewelry in Hirst Antiques. It’s total eye candy as almost everything glitters and sparkles. Inside the boutique the display cases are stuffed with accessories which are organized by color. The diva inside me is convinced that I’d look absolutely amazing in everything I see but luckily my common sense hasn’t gone entirely out the window so for today I manage to resist turning into a showgirl.


Diary of a Somebody- Day 3

I’m up at 7 am this morning so that the team and I can fit in a quick rehearsal before the spotlights come on and it’s presentation time. I’m confident and certainly no stranger to giving presentations in front of large audiences and often those that are much larger in comparison to what I will be standing before today. The presentation goes very well, both the audience and panel seem genuinely amused and are hopefully equally impressed.

The presentations conclude just before 1:00 pm. Upon exiting the theater, I notice that the sun has made a welcomed appearance. The streets are busier than usual as hermits venture outside their protective shells and embrace the bright, warm rays. What started as another gloomy weather-wise day has turned into a splendid one. I quickly remove my black stockings and two layers of clothing, discretion is my goal. As I make my way down a long winding path towards the tube, I find that I’m almost relieved to reach the darkness of the underground as the impromptu weather change meant that I had packed an umbrella instead of sunglasses, which is what I really needed.

In order to celebrate the end or possibly just the beginning of this particular project, I picked up a large celebratory almond croissant in order to properly indulge. After that me and a couple of friends headed out to grab burgers at Byrons. They make some of the best hamburgers and french fries, my go to order is their mature cheddar cheese burger served with lettuce, tomato, red onion (not too much, onegaishimasu) and a touch of mayonnaise. I highly recommend it if you’ve yet to try.

iPads can surely be a nuisance; hello, I’m here, be social and don’t ignore me kind of thing… Whatever, I slip mine out with the hope that no one in my immediate surrounding will notice (yes, right?) only to write a quick message to the 21_21 design sight, an ambitious project by Issey Miyake, to let them know that I’ll stop by when I’m heading home, whenever that will be as I have yet to make plans. As usual… The 21_21 design sight was designed by acclaimed architect Tadao Ando, who truly has some amazing projects, like the Teatro Armani, (but the list is endless) inspired by Japanese culture, zen and ma, space.

The World of Interiors, Architectural Digest MagazinesI also picked up some exciting reading that should keep me entertained during the weekend. Have a good one darlings!

Diary of a Somebody – Day 2

It’s another early morning which seems to be a reoccurring theme for this week. One of the best things in life is getting to sleep a full 10 hrs and waking up to sunshine but that seems like forever ago. Luckily, my schedule for next week should be a little slower unless I book it up at the last minute as is often the case when emails and event invites fall into my inbox. What’s life without a bit of spontaneity right? Today I’m up for an early meeting with my team in order to get some last minute face time so that we can make any small last minute changes and discuss final details before tomorrow when it’s presentation time. We have been working intensively for about two weeks sorting out an exhibition proposal for a gallery (which shall remain anonymous for the time being) from start to finish. It will be exciting to see what the panel thinks and has to say about the final pitch.

Afterwards I´lI stop by the gym to get my fitness on (urgh) but also to blow off some steam before tomorrow. Even though the meeting is over, the team and I continue to coordinate as perfectionists never rest.

I take time to watch the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, which is one of the most intense F1 races, due not only to its spectacular location but because of the narrow and unforgiving streets in which it is set. Intense! Granted, I didn’t watch it live, which would probably have made it even more so but I simply didn’t have time during the weekend (May 26th) when it took place.

Picture 9

It’s now almost midnight which forces me to wonder where has the time gone!?Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Diary of a Somebody- Day 1

Today my day begins earlier than I would like (8:00 am) but I have a very exciting day ahead, which is the only reason I manage to drag myself out of bed. The weather is bleak and it’s just a matter of time before it starts to rain. Over breakfast I catch up on any emails that have arrived over night, make a few adjustments to my calendar to accommodate for a last minute meeting before final project presentations on Friday and get my daily dose of celebrity gossip through usmagazine.com. I then hop onto the tube and head over to Bond Street where I have been invited  to a guided tour of Sotheby’s auction house. Currently, they are in the process of setting up their latest exhibition and preparing for their upcoming Important Russian Art auction which will be exhibited on:

  • Fri, 31 May 13 | 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Sun, 02 Jun 13 | 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Mon, 03 Jun 13 | 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

before the actual auction takes place on June 3rd, at 6:00 pm. It’s an exciting opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes as long rows of art sit on the floor awaiting to be hung by technicians. I got more than I bargained for as some quite cheeky, scandalous anecdotes were revealed as were stories about the history of the house.

Since I’m in the neighborhood of Mayfair, I figure why not visit a few galleries while I’m at it. So, my journey begins by stopping by the 147 Richard Green Gallery where I manage to spot a portrait that I instantly recognize as a large Johan Zoffany painting. What a thrill! The last time I was up close and personal with a Zoffany was last year during the (link-) Royal Academy Society Observed exhibition. Afterwards, I head on over to the Bvlgari boutique on New Bond Street, which is currently (until June 29th) showing their stunning Masterpieces exhibition. After catching it on display in their (link-) Ginza boutique in Tokyo during winter break, I figured I had to see this one in order to compare. The London exhibition proved much smaller and more intimate, featuring a range of glittering archived jewelry that I had yet to befriend.

By 2:00 pm, I’m at King’s Cross being given an introduction to the art market. So far it’s proven to be absolutely fascinating and at 3:00 pm there’s a guest in attendance, fine art consultant Matthew Hockley Smith who gives an invigorating talk on his experience in the art world. After, I feel just about ready to take on the world! I receive an email message filling me in that sales from Tokyo are up and my jewelry line is doing well.

I’m not sure if it was the rain or a looming cold but afterwards I decided to head directly home in order to spend my evening indoors relaxing in hopes of avoiding the bug from hell. My go to cure: delicious hot Marie Antoinette Ladurée tea, lots of fruit, Chopin music tinkering in the background with the scent of my new Cire Trudon La Marquise candle flickering in the distance, a long hot shower and then plenty of sleep.