Fendi Un Art Autre

Fendi Art Autre Exhibition TokyoIf there’s one exhibition that you absolutely have to visit it’s Fendi Un Art Autre, Another Kind of Art, Creation and Innovation in Craftsmanship held at the university museum of Tokyo University of the Arts. It’s a fabulously well curated exhibition that showcases some of the Fendi brand’s finest work over the years, including both garments and the fur samples from which the garments are born.

DSCN5308If you have something against fur then I’d strongly suggest you sit this one out, otherwise there’s a section where you can pet away on some lush fur samples such as a heavenly soft chinchilla fur that won my heart at first touch.


Cardigan, scarf and silk blouse: linneabylinneanilsson

Before leaving cloud nine, I made sure to pick up a catalogue as there are some experiences that you just wish would never end.

Inside Fendi Un Art Autre CatalogueA sneak peak into my new catalogue and the ultra stylish coat that was on show in the exhibition.

DSCN5357Reow, one of the many samples that was also on display throughout the exhibition.

表参道 (Omotesandō)

Omotesandō Hills TokyoThere are always hundreds of things to see and do while I’m back in Tokyo but I always make time for a walk down the luxury lined boutiques of 表参道 (Omotesandō), 南青山 (Minami Aoyama), 銀座 (Ginza), and 渋谷区 (Shibuya).

Fendi Boutique Window TokyoFendi boutique window display.

Tokyo OmotesandoMy attempt to head out shopping on a weekday with the hope of escaping the crowds went miserably wrong when I saw this… Perhaps leading Bubble Boy’s life wouldn’t be so terrible as it would at least guarantee a bit of personal space as opposed to this.

Loewe Tokyo OmotesandoSpring’s most covetable accessory if you ask me. Loewe’s amazona bag has me craving.

Loewe Tokyo Omotesando StoreThe interiors of Loewe’s Omotesando boutique.