10 Corso Como – Comme des Garçons

Had a trip down memory lane as I visited the Corso Como – Comme des Garçons store here in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. Minami-Aoyama is one of the more popular shopping areas along with Omotesando, which has turned into a catwalk of funky styles. Both are a must when visiting Tokyo.

The area is well known for its exclusive fashion houses and restaurants. I felt as if I was back in Milan, where I first visited the 10 Corso Como lifestyle concept store with fashion, design, music, art and photography. Icing on the cake, I ran into Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani.

10 Corso Como

2011-08-13 @ 11:22:11

Visited the multifunctional concept store 10 Corso Como, dedicated to art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture. it was founded in 1990 in Milan, Italy by gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani, whose famous sister is Italian Vogue editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani.

How wild is this? I met the darling Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. AMAZING!

10 Corso Como has been described as “a so-called concept store, a mini lifestyle emporium”, and has been identified as an inspiration for stores in both London and Paris. The store is large, with two full floors worth of goods. The first floor features a selection of luxury designer goods by the top brands in the fashion industry. The second floor is an entire bookstore filled with literature on art and fashion journals and a section with trendy music.

It was hard to leave without anything in my hands, so I purchased their Best Of CD and a lovely box which I might use as a sort of jewelry box for my growing collection of accessories. Great for my dormroom!