Liu Xiaodong at Lisson Gallery

DSCN8489Back when I was living in Beijing, China and would frequent 798 Art District I saw an exhibition on Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong’s latest work at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. So, when I saw he was coming to London and the Lisson Gallery I simply couldn’t stay away and let my curiosity get the better of me.

Liu Xiaodong at the Lisson GalleryThe recently closed exhibition included a few large paintings of London pub scenes and family life, sketches, but mainly appeared to focus on a series of smaller photography works as seen below applying paint to the surface of photographs.

Liu Xiaodong at Lisson Gallery

DSCN8495His paintings displayed at the Lisson Gallery had the same quick, broad brushstrokes that leave a few areas of the raw canvas exposed. Something of which I slightly disapprove of given my own background in fine art yet it works for his style.

DSCN8493Over the course of six weeks Liu Xiaodong documented his encounters with London and for his work focused on three local businesses, two pubs and a coffee shop. To me, it was an exhibition that became the meeting of two worlds.


Paper at Saatchi Gallery

DSCN6486Saatchi gallery, often known for it’s preference towards shock art pleasantly surprised me this time with its exhibition entitled Paper. What a neat idea having an exhibition with the theme being the material in which the art is made of and in this case it’s paper. Having done quite a bit of origami myself in the past, I know the pros and cons of working with such a fragile, lightweight material and was therefore extra curious to see how various artists decided to tackle this challenge.

DSCN6491Japanese artist Yuken Teruya used something as ordinary and readily available as recycled paper shopping bags to construct a series of works such as this “Golden Arch Parkway” from a fast food McDonald’s paper bag.

DSCN6505Portuguese artist Marcelo Jácome’s work Planos-pipas n17 (kite-planes), constructed out of tissue paper, bamboo, fiberglass and cotton thread levitating over the gallery floor.

A Rendez-vous with Hermès

DSCN5943The London Saatchi Gallery is currently playing host to Festival des Métiers, a rendez-vous with the Hermès craftspeople in an event that invites the public to learn more about the intricate skills behind the brand’s luxurious leather handbags, watches, silk scarves, garments and ceramics.


Hermes ManufacturingLots of curious and often very feisty spectators pushed and crowded to see the craftspeople at their stations/booths working away. Next to the artisan stood an interpreter to whom you could pose questions about what you were witnessing and sometimes they even narrated step-by-step the process.


Saatchi Gallery Rendez-vous with the Hermes CraftspeopleThe rendez-vous proved very popular and therefore also wildly busy. If you’re planning on attending, you should try to go during off peak hours if you want to fully enjoy the experience and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions.

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonIf you’re anything like me and tend to enjoy watching silver screen films all weekend long, you might just appreciate this wonderful new collection on display in the fabulous Belmacz gallery. It gives a glimpse into the notoriously private world of Swedish screen siren Greta Garbo through items from her personal wardrobe including everything from elegant gloves, straw hats, dresses, handkerchiefs, a cooking apron, and a fabulously unique yoga suit.

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonThe collection also features some wonderful inspired-by pieces such as this terrific Stephen Jones jersey ski cap, inspired by a hat Garbo wore in the film Ninotchka (1939).

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo London

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonFilm, glamour, style, fame, fortune and a secret admirer too? It seems like Miss G had it all as this silk scarf with a personal love telegram stating Greta I love you guess who I am -r seems to prove. I wonder who it could be from…

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo, Belmacz GalleryGarbo may have been best known for her glamorous, feminine film persona but off camera she preferred to dress in more masculine attire. Letting Garbo’s personal flair be an inspiration for modern icons such as us, Manolo Blahnik created these ‘Piola’ brogues, which will be available to order for September delivery. Exciting, I’ll certainly be keeping a look out for them!

An Afternoon in the Park

Hyde Park, Kensington Garden LondonSometimes there’s really nothing better than spending a wonderfully long day out in a beautiful park. Yes, I’m certainly romanticizing the reality of the situation which is cold, limp hands, a dripping nose and possibly even sore feet but today it felt worth it.

Hyde Park, Kensington Garden Swans London

Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens LondonWhile visiting the Italian Gardens in Hyde Park it felt as though I had been transported out of London and dropped off in the charming gardens of a spectacular Italian palazzo.

Hyde Park, Kensington Garden LondonFeast your eyes upon the reigning queen of the Italian Gardens herself (me) along with friend and compatriot Haley in tow. Stylish divas… just saying :)

Hyde Park, Kensington Garden London

Judith Scott at The Serpentine Gallery London

Judith Scott, Untitled, 1993, mixed media.

While wandering through the park, I also stopped by the Serpentine Gallery to check out their latest exhibition Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos. When I saw that the exhibition was additionally supported by the luxury Italian brand Bvlgari, I simply couldn’t suppress my curiosity. However, as it turns out the exhibition just wasn’t for me. Rosemarie Trockel’s work was featured alongside the work of other artists from a variety of disciplines and many of the artworks and objects on display were selected by Trockel herself while conversing with curator Lynne Cooke.

Hyde Park, Kensington Garden London

Diesel Art Gallery, 最新アート情報

Black Rose, Ayami Nishimura by RANKIN Make Up

Nails: Mike Pocock @Streeters London, Headpiece: Ayami Nishimura, Model: Sophie D @ Models 1.

Heard about a fabulous but small exhibition taking place at the Diesel’s Shibuya store here in Tokyo, Japan and simply had to stop by and see for myself. They are currently exhibiting over 20 prints showing the extraordinary work of Japanese make up artist Ayami Nishimura and British photographer Rankin. A fierce combination that could also be viewed in the gorgeous book Ayami Nishimura by Rankin.

Diesel Art Gallery, 最新アート情報, Shibuya

The make-up was very dramatic and a bit reminiscent of traditional 歌舞伎 (kabuki) make-up with its bold black eyebrows, red accents and painted white faces. Hmmm, perhaps not for the faint hearted to try. Halloween instead maybe?


The Diesel Shibuya Store that doubles as an art gallery in the back of the lower ground floor.

Stop by and be impressed while enjoying this great source of inspiration, if not, you could also take a sneak peak here: Dazed Digital or here: Beauty Stylish

Neutron Tokyo – Antideath

Visited the Neutron Tokyo Gallery to get a taste of skull artist Kazumichi Maruoka’s latest exhibition.

It was one of those moments when wearing my fabulous new Comme des Garcons skull blazer was perfect. If I may add, so were my delicious linneabylinneanilsson Memento Mori Collection pearl and skull accessories. Such a wardrobe must have! Click here to see more from my Memento Mori Collection!

Torii Gate.

Funeral arrangement.

Test run…

Resurrection… Konichiwa!


Aoyama Cemetery was a suiting backdrop.

Wang Jianwei

2011-06-09 @ 03:53:41

After my recent visit to artist Wang Jianwei’s studio, it was fun to see the final product of his finished works exhibited at the Ullens gallery.

Yellow Signal, as the exhibition is titled has been shown in four seperate chapters in order to show an evolving process. Yellow Signal is about the familiar yellow traffic light and how it is both a signal and signifier. Resting in between red and green, the yellow light also shows permission and prohibition. Lately this has been a very hot topic among Chinese artists who continue to push the boundaries themselves, not only on permission and prohibition but also as to what can be considered art. In this exhibition Wang Jianwei shows that he is not afraid to explore different medias as his exhibition was comprised of film, furniture, and other installations. I loved the fun and funky geometric cabinets!

Lucian Freud

2011-05-07 @ 09:59:46

After hitting up Diane von Furstenberg’s fashion exhibition, I stopped by the neighboring gallery Faurschou Beijing. Their current exhibition displays works by the influential artist Lucian Freud and his studio assistant David Dawson.

Lucian Freud, David & Eli, 2003-2004, Oil on canvas, 163 x 174 cm

This particular painting is of Freud’s studio assistant David Dawson who regularly models for Freud. With a close friendship built over 20 years of working together it is not surprising that he is not a stranger to Freud’s ability to scrutinize every little detail of the model’s character. This painting has a classic freud set-up, a nude model on a bed. Freud has depicted this in his paintings for years with models lying or sleeping on his studio couch, sofa or mattress.

The exhibition also displayed images taken by David Dawson showing the working process of Freud and giving a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. David Dawson is actually one of few people ever allowed to take pictures in Freud’s studio.