Colefax and Fowler

DSCN8999To those of you who aren’t that familiar with Colefax and Fowler, let me offer a brief introduction. It is a most charming interior design boutique conveniently located in one of my favorite neighborhoods – Mayfair. The interiors are elegant with a warm comfortable design that feels quintessentially English although one that has unfortunately become increasingly rare and difficult to find in 21st century English homes.

DSCN8983Within the beautiful boutique and among the many luxuries you can also find a small exhibition on James Wyatt ‘architect to the crown and designer of complete interiors’.

DSCN8985As a person that rarely shies away from extravagance and would dearly love to take up permanent residence in something by the likes of Château Vaux le Vicomte, Versailles or Waddesdon Manor, the James Wyatt sketch of the richly draped sofa/chaise lounge would be the perfect starting point. As I lay sprawled out on it I would have little problem finishing my long book list of lovely leisurely reads. I’d have Chopin music softly tinkering in the background and a warm cup of tea next to me. Ah, what a dream!


DSCN8995There was also a section especially dedicated to exhibition themed items for sale such as postcards, tea towels, books, etc, and needless to say I fell head over heels for the tea towel set in pink and green.

The Delightful Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection, LondonLife’s a ball when it comes to the delectably beautiful Wallace Collection. Crystal chandeliers, antique clocks, silk upholstered chairs and  luscious paintings. Needless to say, I’ve been absolutely enchanted and am ready to move in immediately!

The Wallace Collection, London

The Wallace Collection, LondonSo many precious treasures on display!

The Oval Room of The Wallace Collection, LondonOne of my favorite spaces in the Wallace Collection was the oval room as seen here. It’s lovely light blue silk tapestries were emphasized by some of my all time favorite paintings which were mounted on top. This room houses the precious paintings The Swing and Madame Pompadour by the superstar Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

The Wallace Collection, London

Mini Portraiture at The Wallace Collection, LondonI absolutely adore mini portraiture and the Wallace Collection did not disappoint in this department. If you find yourself in London and you’ve yet to stop by then I definitely recommend a visit because it’s simply packed with amazing things that are sure to delight.

The Armoury at The Wallace Collection, LondonThe collection also houses a very impressive armoury. “Horsey, horsey don’t you stop, let your feet go clippety clop” yihaaww let’s go for a ride!

Copenhagen on the Go

Hej, hvordan går det? Take a load off and enjoy the magical, mythical atmosphere of Tage Andersen’s flower, life style boutique in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I had a few hours to kill before catching a transfer flight at Københavns lufthavne and instead of sitting around the lounge, I decided to hit the town. This was at the top of my to do list.

The fairytale atmosphere is completed by the inclusion of exquisite, live, tropical birds cooing in the background to the classical music.

Hanging with Tage Andersen in his studio.

If you ever find yourself wandering around Copenhagen then Tage Andersen’s boutique is the perfect place to stop by and be whisked away into another world.

Skokloster Castle

Hello my dashing darlings, took a trip to the dramatic baroque castle Skokloster, only a short car ride away from the capital Stockholm.

The fierce castle was built between 1654 and 1676 and has been more or less untouched for more than 300 years. I absolutely adore the authentic atmospheres that come with these beautiful historical excursions. The gossip of the elite and filthy rich can also prove rather intriguing.

With each castle and palace that I visit, I always note the lovely ornaments and interiors, trying to take as much inspiration for my own little palace.

The banqueting hall remains unfinished and untouched since the death of Skokloster’s owner General Carl Gustaf Wrangel, who died in 1676. Tools and other building equipment remain in the exact same condition as the builders left it the day Wrangel died. This was out of fear that they would never get paid.

The armory is located at the top of castle and consists of three rooms worth of weapons including a kayak, Native American artifacts, stuffed exotic animals, a hammock and other toys, gadgets and showpieces of the time. It represented a farrago of everything that Man and Nature were capable of achieving.

Gustav III’s Pavilion at Haga

This summer is shaping up to be a magnificent one, filled with lovely sight seeing and adrenaline filled nature interactions and that’s only the Swedish portion of my summer vacation.

Palace interior image from Gustav III’s Pavilion Catalog by Göran Alm that can be purchased in the lovely gift shop. Link to the Royal Palace’s website.

Stopped by to visit the unbelievably gorgeous interiors of Gustav III’s Pavilion in Haga Park. It also happens to be one of the “finest examples of the European Neo-Classicism of the late 1700s in Northern Europe”

The Temple of Echo where Gustav III often enjoyed dining.

The palace gift shops are a treasure. Naturally, I fell for the stylish tassels and came home with a few as well.

The Copper Tents.

Oscar & Clothilde

Went lifestyle shopping at the darling Oscar & Clothilde boutique on Styrmansgatan 12 here in Stockholm, Sweden.

The boutique features a charming selection of “gatherings and scatterlings” from various cultures, time periods and styles. I think I’m ready to move into the boutique and create my own little palace.

If you’re lost on how to decorate your own darling mansion, then ask the duo Malin and Martina in the boutique for help.

To see more from the Oscar & Clothilde assortment you can view their online boutique on the following link.

The store was filled with lots of lovely porcelain that reminded me of dining at my favorite French tea salon Ladurée. Pastel pinks and greens with a bit of white and gold and you know I’m in love.

Picked up this fabulous throw pillow depicting Kina slott, The Chinese Pavilion, an 18th century mini palace on the grounds of Drottningholms slott. I’m planning on stopping by the Chinese/Japanese themed mini palace later this week. Stay tuned for more.

A Kartell Ghost

My Kartell Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck has arrived and now been installed at my desk. What do you think? Funny, I’ve been getting mixed reviews but I’m still charmed. Like I thought, it fits in perfectly with my two delicious Bourgie desk lamps by Ferruccio Laviani. Very stylish and very luxurious in transparent polycarbonate.

Press “like” below if you can see the ghost, or leave a comment.


Wasting no time here in Tokyo, I headed out shopping in Minami-Aoyama, my favorite shopping district. My mission at the funky Kartell store was to find the perfect desk chair for my room. What did I settle on you may ask, I of course went for the über-stylish Louis Ghost chair designed by the fabulous Philippe Starck.

The chair will be delivered in a few days so I’ll have to show some sort of patience and self control while waiting. When it finally does arrive, it will fit in perfectly with my two Bourgie desk lamps by Ferruccio Laviani. Very stylish and very luxurious in transparent plexi. I’ve also added some final touches with a delicious Mikimoto frame with a lovely regal Baroque portrait inside and my stunning Marie Antoinette Cire Trudon candle, which I brought with me all the way from Paris. Super stylish if I may say so. Ahhh, I’m super excited for this new arrival!

Cheating on Fashion with…

My second love! To be perfectly honest, we can all admit that it can be difficult to stay faithful. So why not indulge in another passion than fashion. Ogling interiors can be a perfect visual vacation without the trouble of having to board a long, uncomfortable flight and then end up with missing luggage at a foreign airport. Save yourself the hassle especially in busy times when escape should be the furthest thing from your mind. Drool freely instead.

Rosenborg Castle

2011-07-31 @ 23:32:34

One thing that is for certain is that I will never stop appreciating the fine art of extravagant and historic castles! My not so secret love! Stopped by the renaissance Rosenborg Castle located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was built in the Dutch Renaissance style which was typical of Danish buildings during this period.

The castle was used by Danish regents as a royal residence until around 1710. Its decor is simply to die for! I loved everything I saw inside, including the chandeliers, carpets, paintings, furniture, and wall paper.

Located in the Long Hall which was originally intended as a ballroom is the coronation chair of the absolutist kings and the throne of the queens with the three silver lions standing in front.

Bling! Clearly my royal jewelry collection needs an upgrade in order to keep up with this bad boy seen displayed in the royal treasury.

The decor was big, dark and dramatic. With the renaissance being an intellectual transformation and cultural movement, it encompassed a flowering of literature, science, art, religion, and politics.

I have decided that a knight’s armor is an absolute must when decorating my future home!

I’m ready to move in immediately! This is just my style.

Roar! This would naturally be my everyday uniform.