Københavns Lufthavne

Københavns Lufthavne (Copenhagen’s Airport) feels much less like an airport than it does a shopping mall. Packed with designer labels in every corner, it can be a challenging place to navigate, especially for the wallet…  Lucky me, as I’ve been here countless times before I know where to go to make the most of it.

Before making my way to the gate, I tend to stop by these Danish highlights: Malene Birger, Georg Jensen, Illums Bolighus, Royal Copenhagen, Pilgrim, etc. A mandatory trip past Starbucks is also essential as who can imagine flying without a cup of their mocha frappuccino blend! Tokyo, next stop!

Up in the Air

Hej då Sverige! It time to say goodbye to Stockholm as I’m now heading back over to Tokyo. But before reaching my final destination, I’ll be making a quick pit stop in Copenhagen, Denmark to enjoy the city. What to you think of the view from the Scandinavian Airlines’ bathroom?