Today was the first day of the new Hermès exhibition Leather Forever and let me tell you that it was fantastic! Such a must see, it’s well worth the trip! With free entry I wasn’t expecting much, possibly a few pieces in a simple display window but I should have known better as it’s Hermès after all. Instead, it was an exclusive and spectacular show which even featured a few of their artisans working away on the latest Hermès designs. Literally bringing the factory to you so that the public could share the meticulous process, something which the brand is extremely proud of and with good reason too.

“It is by handling the finest leathers- chosen, cut, sewn and polished with expert skill that six generation have learned and passed on the values that inspire Hermès’ dynamism: attachment to quality, perfectionism (even in hidden details), and respect for time, all conjoined with creative verve”. No wonder why I fell in love with every trinket and handbag that I laid my eyes on. It’s by far one of my favorite brands so it was extra fun to learn more about their history, process, and iconic designs in such a lovely setting. This has certainly made my list of most magical exhibitions I’ve seen!