More from Nicolai Bergmann’s Florescence opening party

My sister with Nicolai.

This arrangement outside the floral exhibition space, inspired my sketches below.

How cool is this? Yukata and accessories to die for…

Sister and Amanda, second half of Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design, now watch these shoes…

Alexander Mcqueen skull shoes, a great match with linneabylinneanilsson’s Memento Mori.

Olympic swim team…. yes! Sister with star swimmer Kosuke Kitajima.

Hope you all feel inspired. Have a wonderful weekend!

Nicolai Bergmann Florescence

Nicolai Bergmann’s fabulous floral art exhibition Florescence is currently on display at 表参道ヒルズOmotesando Hills, Space O, until tomorrow, September 23. Yesterday night the much anticipated reception party kicked off the weekend. This is one of the nights I truly wish I hadn’t been busy in London but could have jetted over. Instead I asked my darling sister to snap a few pictures for all of us to enjoy the party and astonishing arrangements.

This gorgeous arrangement inspired my quick sketch below.

Nicolai signing his new coffee table book Florescence.

Fashion’s Night Out – Tokyo

Tonight’s the night, it’s Fashion’s Night Out here in Tokyo, Japan! If you missed last years and need a recap follow the link here, but to see the party going on now from the eyes of yours truly, just enjoy below.

The first Fashion’s Night Out event was held in New York in 2009. The purpose was to help encourage shoppers to spend freely on one special evening of the year. The evening was filled with free flowing champagne, luxury goods and the possibility to hob nob with celebrities from the fashion industry. Sponsored by Vogue and the CFDA, the event has quickly become a huge success with such nights now being hosted around the world.


Stopped by my favorite trendy hat boutique on 表参道 (Omotesandō) CA4LA. Fierce party!



I also caught a sneak peek of what’s to come with this winter’s collection. Exciting and soooo beautiful, but it’s not hard to guess why I like it as I’m absolutely obsessed with fluff, puff and feathers (glitter too but shhh)!

CA4LA, Linnea Nilsson

Ralph Lauren started quite a party outside their large 表参道 (Omotesandō) boutique with a graffiti artist working his magic while a DJ pumped up the beats. “Rugby” all the way!

Ralph Lauren

One of two ongoing Marc Jacobs parties in their 表参道 (Omotesandō) boutique Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Nicolai Bergmann

Indulged in a little break from all the people, party and noise by hiding away at Nicolai Bergmann’s lovely café and flower boutique. I recharged my batteries with a delicious fruit shake and a complimentary cupcake before heading out into the crowd but not before enjoying my new setting.

Nicolai Bergmann

With Nicolai Begmann

Look familiar? Not too dissimilar from when I hung out with Nicolai during his Christmas party last year.

Nicolai Bergmann

Exotic animals such as this tropically decked out poodle, could be seen strutting the streets of 表参道 (Omotesandō).

Ai Tominaga

Fleeing celebrities such as Japanese fashion model Ai Tominaga, could be seen leaving the Giorgio Armani party.

Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama

I also had an interesting heart to heart with Japanese artist and latest Louis Vuitton collaboration Yayoi Kusama, must have been the champagne and heat talking as this turned out to be a wax figure instead of the real deal. Too bad, maybe next time!

Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama

My darling sister!

Harajuku Girls, Linnea Nilsson

Yes, the evening was filled with many exciting characters, and meeting new stylish friends around every corner. All in all, a fabulously stylish evening! Night, night darlings, it’s now time to keep the party going all night long with the champagne flowing, perhaps I’ll even enjoy a quick Anna Dello Russo style “fashion shower”.

Häagen-Dazs Green Tea x Nicolai Bergmann

Had quite the experience as I decided to be adventurous and try my first Japanese green tea ice cream. Drama! I’m becoming a rather daring little darling. What inspired my bravery or rather curiosity was finding an article in the lovely flower magazine Hanajikan no.232 2012, showing a project by my friend, Danish flower wiz Nicolai Bergmann.

To check out my earlier posts with Nicolai Bergmann click here and here.

I love green tea as a hot or cold beverage as it’s perfectly refreshing every time but experiencing it as an ice cream felt very unusual. Opening the lid, I was met by a dramatic green color which looked divine but also a little fierce. The ice cream was smooth and creamy while the slightly bitter undertone of the green tea could be tasted.

For now though, I think I’ll be staying clear of the green tea ice cream and play the traditionalist card by indulging in my new Häagen-Dazs favorite Caramel & Cookies Crunch Crêpe Glacé. However, it was an interesting experience as it’s one of the more popular flavors here in Tokyo.

Nicolai Bergmann Café Tokyo

Before taking off into the friendly skies, it’s always nice to be well rested and relaxed. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra energy boost.

That’s why I spent my afternoon at Nicolai Bergmann’s Minami Aoyama flagship store, which also happens to have an adorable little café. The gorgeous flower arrangements create the perfect oasis. I just can’t believe I’ll be heading back to London so soon.

Energy boost, I kid you not. This fruity bad boy’s packing a heavy punch of lethal vitamins. Germs be gone!

Nicolai Bergmann, ニコライバーグマン

Now I do declare that the best way to get over jetlag is to have something absolutely fabulous planned early on so that there is no way that you’d want to miss it by staying home sleeping.

For me this meant attending Nicolai Bergmann’s Christmas party. Hosted at his impressive Minami Aoyama flower boutique.

During the party, Nicolai held a demonstration in which he put together a few flower arrangements which could be used as both center pieces for a lovely Christmas dinner or just as decoration.

Nicolai Bergmann and me, wearing my own design, Linnea by Linnea Nilsson.

It was such a lovely evening, filled with beautiful arrangements which made me slightly jealous that my own arrangement skills aren’t exactly up to par. But perhaps in a few years…

Fashion’s Night Out- Tokyo

2011-11-08 @ 05:47:21

Party all night long! It was Fashion’s Night Out in Tokyo but more specifically in the Omotesando and Aoyama shopping districts. Boutiques were especially decked out with fabulous displays and fabulous fashionistas on hand to celebrate.

Spotted in the amazing display over at the Prada store: the excentric Vogue Nippon’s editor-in-chief Anna Dello Russo! How exciting!

The lovely vintage display at the jeweler Manière de Nojess store in Aoyama. Loving the classic champagne glass and the glitter inside!

Things were looking gorgeous at the Nicolai Bergmann store!

Spotted at 10 Corso Como!