表参道 (Omotesandō)

Omotesandō Hills TokyoThere are always hundreds of things to see and do while I’m back in Tokyo but I always make time for a walk down the luxury lined boutiques of 表参道 (Omotesandō), 南青山 (Minami Aoyama), 銀座 (Ginza), and 渋谷区 (Shibuya).

Fendi Boutique Window TokyoFendi boutique window display.

Tokyo OmotesandoMy attempt to head out shopping on a weekday with the hope of escaping the crowds went miserably wrong when I saw this… Perhaps leading Bubble Boy’s life wouldn’t be so terrible as it would at least guarantee a bit of personal space as opposed to this.

Loewe Tokyo OmotesandoSpring’s most covetable accessory if you ask me. Loewe’s amazona bag has me craving.

Loewe Tokyo Omotesando StoreThe interiors of Loewe’s Omotesando boutique.

Shop Names in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya, Omotesando)

Coming back to London, it just hit me that stores around me tend to be named in a rather conventional manner. Shopping in Tokyo on the other hand, can be quite the experience. This little pasttime kick might even put a smile on our faces, but let me be clear –  that’s rarely because of the price tags!

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Tell me, aren’t we all dreaming about trotting those streets with a bag screaming Freak’s Store (フリークスストア) or Rude Gallery (ルードギャラリ)? These fantasy filled bags are sure to make a statement, if not with all so at least among English speaking people. If the thought of what these bags hide or what these stores stock would cross your mind, you’ll probably be surprised, or even disappointed, to find that they aren’t anything to get overly excited about since the names only refer to modern clothing boutiques.

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Spotted this bag on the subway and later ran into this… No whips, chains or rubber garments, just the average, typical girly Tokyo boutique.

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya, Omotesando)

Rude Galllery (ルードギャラリ) Tokyo

Skullcandy (スカルキャンディ) Tokyo

Skullcandy (スカルキャンディ), a Utah based company known for their headphones, and Pigsty & Used Clothing, are just another couple of interesting names, both, or rather all, from the same tiny shopping street that runs between Shibuya and Omotesando.

Pigsty & Used Clothing (ピグスティ) Tokyo

Ever had issues with second hand shopping?

Pigsty & Used Clothing (ピグスティ) Tokyo

Fashion’s Night Out – Tokyo

Tonight’s the night, it’s Fashion’s Night Out here in Tokyo, Japan! If you missed last years and need a recap follow the link here, but to see the party going on now from the eyes of yours truly, just enjoy below.

The first Fashion’s Night Out event was held in New York in 2009. The purpose was to help encourage shoppers to spend freely on one special evening of the year. The evening was filled with free flowing champagne, luxury goods and the possibility to hob nob with celebrities from the fashion industry. Sponsored by Vogue and the CFDA, the event has quickly become a huge success with such nights now being hosted around the world.


Stopped by my favorite trendy hat boutique on 表参道 (Omotesandō) CA4LA. Fierce party!



I also caught a sneak peek of what’s to come with this winter’s collection. Exciting and soooo beautiful, but it’s not hard to guess why I like it as I’m absolutely obsessed with fluff, puff and feathers (glitter too but shhh)!

CA4LA, Linnea Nilsson

Ralph Lauren started quite a party outside their large 表参道 (Omotesandō) boutique with a graffiti artist working his magic while a DJ pumped up the beats. “Rugby” all the way!

Ralph Lauren

One of two ongoing Marc Jacobs parties in their 表参道 (Omotesandō) boutique Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Nicolai Bergmann

Indulged in a little break from all the people, party and noise by hiding away at Nicolai Bergmann’s lovely café and flower boutique. I recharged my batteries with a delicious fruit shake and a complimentary cupcake before heading out into the crowd but not before enjoying my new setting.

Nicolai Bergmann

With Nicolai Begmann

Look familiar? Not too dissimilar from when I hung out with Nicolai during his Christmas party last year.

Nicolai Bergmann

Exotic animals such as this tropically decked out poodle, could be seen strutting the streets of 表参道 (Omotesandō).

Ai Tominaga

Fleeing celebrities such as Japanese fashion model Ai Tominaga, could be seen leaving the Giorgio Armani party.

Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama

I also had an interesting heart to heart with Japanese artist and latest Louis Vuitton collaboration Yayoi Kusama, must have been the champagne and heat talking as this turned out to be a wax figure instead of the real deal. Too bad, maybe next time!

Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama

My darling sister!

Harajuku Girls, Linnea Nilsson

Yes, the evening was filled with many exciting characters, and meeting new stylish friends around every corner. All in all, a fabulously stylish evening! Night, night darlings, it’s now time to keep the party going all night long with the champagne flowing, perhaps I’ll even enjoy a quick Anna Dello Russo style “fashion shower”.

CA4LA – ハット

With stores in both Tokyo’s Omotesando and London’s Pitfield Street, this hip boutique stocks some of the most fierce hats for both men and women.

This is only a small selection of the many options you have to choose from in their Omotesando boutique.

My own darling CA4LA (Cashira) hat as seen above. Received as a gift and in a fabulous old fashioned hat box, I can’t help but feel super glamorous when I put it on for these warm summer months. It’s brim and flower accessory are in a deliciously soft velvet that I can’t seem to keep my fingers off of. I’m thinking this hat paired with a long, loose paisley bohemian skirt and a basic t-shirt and I’m ready to hit the town. Très chic!

Antonio Ballester Moreno for Loewe

Spotted these fun and fabulous displays at the Loewe Omotesando store. It is the Madrid-based artist Antonio Ballester Moreno who has been invited to assist in designing a new line of silk Mantón de Manila scarves, the traditional shawl that Flamenco dancers wear, as well as these stylish backdrops for the boutique window displays. The shawls look amazing with lovely colorful scenes depicting flowers, birds, and rainbows. Loving the flare!

10 Corso Como – Comme des Garçons

Had a trip down memory lane as I visited the Corso Como – Comme des Garçons store here in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. Minami-Aoyama is one of the more popular shopping areas along with Omotesando, which has turned into a catwalk of funky styles. Both are a must when visiting Tokyo.

The area is well known for its exclusive fashion houses and restaurants. I felt as if I was back in Milan, where I first visited the 10 Corso Como lifestyle concept store with fashion, design, music, art and photography. Icing on the cake, I ran into Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani.

Welcome to Tokyo


For those of you who have not visited Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan for that matter, here are some real incentives. And what else could I be talking about if not shopping :) What say you to these gorgeous stores? Above is Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato’s store in central Omotesando.

Below are some pictures of the world famous designer Issey Miyake’s store also in downtown Omotesando. One of the great things about Tokyo is their great window displays. These two are by far ranking high in my top favorite happy and colorful window displays.