My Latest Read

Royal RomancesForget about wasting your time reading 50 Shades of Grey, as the truly salacious stories of illicit romances can be found in my latest and most intriguing read to date entitled Royal Romances by Leslie Carroll.

If you’re as curious as me when it comes to living life as a European monarch, this book spans through seven scandalous and seductive centuries telling “titillating tales of passion and power in the palaces of Europe”. There are chapters on Charles VII, Henri II, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Catherine The Great (Catherine II), Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte and many more. The word notorious just doesn’t do some of these monarchs justice. Intrigued yet? I literally haven’t been able to stop reading!

Rosersberg Palace & Picnic

Stopped by Rosersberg palace to enjoy a tour of the beautiful interiors, the view and enjoy a picnic in the palace park. An extravagant excursion. I’d love to share some images of the divine decor but sadly photography was not permitted.

I made a new friend during my adventures, this adorable furry little baby calf. Far too cute!

Luxury picnic that consisted of homemade ciabatta sandwiches with a filling of smoked turkey, lettuce, Brie le rustique, and Vacherol cheese, served with cucumber sticks. Yum!

Enjoyed a bottle of La Mortuacienne Citron, Reine des Limonades.

The homemade pie made from apples from my apple tree turned out delicious. Recipe in previous post. Give it a try and enjoy!

Gods & Gårdar

If you’re currently chained to a desk or unable to travel to beautiful palaces, castles and estates such as the ones I’ve recently been visiting but are still craving the atmospheres and glamour, then this is a magazine for you. Unfortunately, it is written in Swedish but I enjoy the fabuolus interiors nevertheless.

Gods & Gårdar is a lovely Swedish magazine that follows Swedish palace and estate owners into their beautiful homes and give us mere mortals a taste of their lovely authentic atmospheres filled with grand decors including fine art, antiquities, and great taste. Not to mention constant maintenance, dampness and draught… you name it, but that of course, we’ll neither have to see nor worry about.

This magazine happens to be a new found treasure of mine that helps ease the withdraw symptoms when it’s been too long since my last palace excursion. What about you? A fan of great interiors as well?