Cire Trudon

When in Paris, one shops! Everything is presented in the most lovely manner and naughty me cannot resist the many delights! On my to do list was visiting the romantic French candle boutique Cire Trudon on 78 rue de Seine.

Reow! Getting excited by candle sticks might seem rather peculiar but it’s well justified if you’ve had the pleasure of visiting one of their stores or seeing and smelling their work.

I left with a rather large and luscious souvenir, a Marie Antoinette candle bustle in pink wax. Très chic! Now the only problem that remains is how I’ll be getting it safely back to London with me. As tempting as it would be to stay forever in this fantastic wonderland, one has to return to reality before the time portal shuts permanently.

The Golden Gates of Versailles

Greetings from the Place of Versailles! I never imagined that I’d make it here but what a triumph! While approaching the magical golden gates I was in awe while it all felt extremely surreal. Like a clip out of the movie The Truman Show (1998) with Jim Carrey where it turns out everything was simply a facade.

I felt a sudden need to faint but also to scream with joy and excitement as it was all just a little too good to be true. Breathtakingly beautiful! The grand Hall of Mirrors was a true highlight, here 17 great mirrors face tall arched windows and infinite chandeliers fill the room. Spectacular!

Since Marie Antoinette no longer occupies her rooms at Versailles, I think it only natural that I be the next in line to live in and care for the lovely floral quarters. After the thousands of times that I’ve watched Sophia Coppola’s gorgeous film Marie Antoinette (one of my all time favorites) I think it only appropriate.

There are only a few awkward facts of history that I’ll have to get over before moving in to my new quarters. The fact that Marie Antoinette gave birth to her children publicly in front of a rather large royal entourage in this very same bed isn’t too comforting. Being the overly sensitive germaphobe that I am, I simply couldn’t handle the reality. An identical modern replica would please me much more.

I absolutely adore costume/period films! I’ve mentioned that Marie Antoinette is one of my favorites but lately I’ve been laughing myself senseless over French and Saunder’s 1999 sitcom Let Them Eat Cake. It’s set in 1782 at the fabulous Palace of Versailles and if you haven’t seen it yet I insist you give it a go! If anyone has any recommendations as to other fabulous costume/period films that I should watch, post a comment and we’ll see if there’s something I’ve yet to see. Exciting!

Now I wonder how I could procure one of these lovely palaces all to myself… mission impossible? As tacky as this might sound, I raided and purchase the entire gift shop which was filled with deliciously glamorous souvenirs in an attempt to recreate what I saw in the palace.

My Utopia

Now it’s true that I talk a lot about finding love and heavenly delights on an almost daily basis but striving after euphoria and finding one’s utopia shouldn’t be a bad thing. Whatever makes you happy! Buddha claimed that life is suffering and if so, shouldn’t we do everything possible to ease it by indulging ourselves? My philosophy is to enjoy the many wonders of the universe; see, hear, taste, and feel. When did deprivation ever lead to anything good?

At the delicious pâtisserie Gérard Mulot, I indulged all of my senses in the heavenly delights seen before you. As much as I wanted to taste them all, my wallet and waistline could only afford one. It was a difficult decision but I went with Amaryllis Passion, which was a large pistachio flavored macaroon with a passion creme center and plenty of framboise (raspberries)! As you can probably imagine it left me craving many, many more :P

If you’re ever in Paris, I strongly recommend you take the time to visit one of Mulot’s boutiques as it’s well worth the trip.


Abracadabra! Chantal Thomass truly whipped up something magical this season with a hocus pokus theme in her Parisian boutique windows.

The lingerie didn’t disappoint either as Chantal Thomass’s name is synonymous with gorgeous, glamorous, sophisticated style. It also seemed appropriate with the fluffy white doves, not only because of their relation to magic shows but also as they symbolize peace and love.

Drama! A rather fierce and mysterious scene, who knows what it could lead to…

Painting at the Louvre

Painting at the Louvre, can there be any better place for it? While strolling down the long corridors I found several people standing with a canvas, paintbrush, and oil paints producing their own smaller masterpieces. Ahhh, the delicious smell of oil paints and turpentine certainly brought back memories but also made the gallery space come to life. There are so many amazing paintings that would be incredible to study with a paintbrush and in it’s fabulous environment none the less. Dabbling in art myself, it would be a challenge but very rewarding and exciting one.

Personally, I’d choose to study this painting by Jacques-Louis David entitled Les Sabines, 1799. The only difficulty would be conquering the vast size as it’s h.385, l.522! I’d like to give you all a very mature and reasoned explanation as to why just this one, but I can’t as the only reason would have to be that I have the hots for the javelin thrower. Reow! Whether or not you enjoy a strong powerful nude warrior, you at least have to admit that it’s an impressive painting. A real treasure. J’adore!

The Louvre- Napoleon III’s Apartments

Welcome to the glorious Louvre! Not only is the exterior phenomenal, but I’ve also heard and now witnessed first hand that the interiors are rather impressive as well. What a wonderful day spent exploring the many long corridors of the famous museum!

Saw the iconic pyramid designed by architect I M Pei, which was opened in 1989. Fierce and truly iconic but is it really suiting against the backdrop of the gorgeous palace/museum grounds?

To start my journey through the Louvre I figured the only natural starting place would be Napoleon III’s apartments. After all the Louvre was originally a palace/castle/fortress and not a museum filled with some of the most impressive art.

Yes! Absolutely yes! Needless to say, I’m ready to move in immediately! If that turns out to be impossible, I should at least wish to have one of the chandeliers as a parting gift. Certainly something they should sell in their gift shop.


If I had to choose a favorite room it would have to be this one, the lovely salon. I suppose that back in the day the large room was used as a meeting place for the lovely people at court where they could converse and have a cup of tea, should they fancy one. I don’t think it’s possible to get any closer to paradise than by standing right here.

Afraid of not getting invited to the dinner? Fear not as the table is long enough to fit in everyone.

And here are the lovely jewels that I would be prancing around my new living quarters wearing. Truth be told, I’d wear them all the time, everywhere as delicious jewelry like this doesn’t deserve to be left alone.

Never has it been more clear that my room needs a serious facelift. I’m in absolute awe of the infinite dazzling interiors. Here is a rather decorated make up table. As peculiar as it might seem isolated, in the right setting it could kill in its stylishness. I’m convinced I could work it into my room somehow even if it means replacing some furniture and centuries.

The Perfect View

Here is the spectacular view from the business class lounge of the hotel that I’m staying at, I have the perfect view of both the lovely Eiffel Tower and the Opéra National de Paris Garnier.

Reow, an entire lounge to one self isn’t a bad way to end the day!

Then again, I’ve yet to mention the fact that the lounge offered some delicious patisserie such as these fabulously delicious macaroons. If you’ve yet to try lemon macaroons, I strongly suggest you do as it turns out they’re very refreshing and tasty.

It all felt so surreal, sitting in Paris eating macaroons and watching the Eiffel Tower come to life and light in the evening. I can understand why it’s called the city of lights… look how lovely the gold statues of the Opéra glimmer because of the spotlights!

My life is a dream! Later in the evening, I wandered over to take a closer look and this is what I found…

Total postcard moment, right?

Bonjour from Paris!

Bonjour mes amis! How exciting is this, I’m in Paris and saying a quick hello before heading out of the hotel to explore the promising city. The best news is that it’s only a short plane ride from London, so a quick weekend trip is more than possible.

After landing at the airport, I took the Roissy bus into the city and got dropped of right outside the lovely Opéra National de Paris Garnier. Conveniently my hotel was also only a few minutes walk away. But look how gorgeous! I think I’ve found heaven.

All of the buildings look absolutely stunning and breathtaking. I’ve certainly got hundreds of new ideas for my future home :) I can also understand why Paris is known as a dazzling city… J’adore!