J’aime London by Alain Ducasse

J'aime London Alain Ducasse BookFresh off the printing press is famous French and multi Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse’s new book J’aime London that helps readers to navigate the culinary map of London through a selection of 100 culinary destinations. Ducasse has included some of his favorite bistros, bars, cafes, bakeries, markets, and luxury restaurants that should delight everyone from food specialists to even the pickiest of foodies (the latter category applies to yours truly).

J'aime London 100 Culinary Destinations for Food Lovers Alain DucasseI recently picked up my own edition of the book with the hopes of making a dent in the enticing food destination list. However, the choice as to which destination I should visit first has proven more challenging than I initially thought with so many tempting choices. The beautiful pictures of the food, drinks and interiors certainly hasn’t made the task easier.

J'aime London 100 Culinary Destinations for Food Lovers

Desserts Galore at Ottolenghi

OttolenghiThe power of a good dessert is simply undeniable and at the moment I only wish it could cure my winter cold. I’m usually not an indecisive person but the indulgent dessert spread at Ottolenghi has a way of making me completely flustered at the daunting prospect of selecting just one dessert to satisfy my cravings. I’d love to try everything, well almost everything with the exception of any and all cheesecake creations.

OttolenghiThis time around I opted for a rhubarb and raspberry meringue slice and as for next time I’m considering a slice of their luscious chocolate cake. Yum!

グッチ・カフェ (Gucci Café)

DSCN5372For those of you that don’t already know, I absolutely adore all of the wonderful naughty things that people try to stay away from during their diets and that is pâtisserie. In all honest to god truth, could you say that your life isn’t that much better when biting into a  really tasty tarte aux framboises, tart aux fraises, or gelato? I decided to treat myself with just this at Gucci Café in Ginza, Tokyo. On the dessert menu was black currant gelato with an orange tart. Total bliss!

DSCN5380Let me be your reminder to indulge once in a while, there really isn’t a better feeling!

Lunch at Ginza Ladurée

After drooling away in the Ginza Salvatore Ferragamo boutique, I stopped by the luxurious Mitsukoshi department store for some lunch and dessert at their Laduree boutique and cafe.

Deciding to be adventurous, I tried a new delicious tea from their menu and fell in love! I’m not kidding when I say that the Eugénie tea tasted just like candy which of course worked in perfect harmony with my divine rose and raspberry saint-honorés dessert. I already have a large box of their tasty royal French Marie Antoinette tea at home so adding another wasn’t a difficult choice to make. Luckily, they coordinate with one being in their lush pink color and the other in a delicious mint green.

Out of the Ladurée Saint-Honorés desserts I’ve tasted the heavenly rose and raspberry as seen above and the similarly delicious pistachio griotte. Next on my to do list is tasting their classique but that will have to wait until next time.

China Town

What’s life without a bit of adventure and new experiences?

Had my fair share as I ventured into China Town in Leicester Square and ended up tasting Peking Duck for the first time. Thankfully and much to my relieved surprise it tasted just like chicken. I’ve officially survived another experience! And who knows what I might try next.

Roasting away is one of the lucky ducks that I had the pleasure of tasting… DRAMA!

Tokyo & やきとり

2011-07-08 @ 04:51:01

Went over to Tokyo for a couple of days to check out the scene and enjoy a few days out on the town. Here is the statuesque Tokyo Tower, the equivalent of the Eiffel Tower but in Japan.

Delicious! Eating やきとり (yaki tori) is a total must! Yaki tori can include everything from poultry to vegetables. It is made from several bite-sized pieces put on a bamboo skewer and grilled, usually over charcoal.

Here is the master chef himself; you can easily keep an eye on what is going on in the kitchen as you dine around the grill.

Sipping iced green tea in the summer heat and enjoying the fabulous taste of my favorite やきとり dishes! Yum, what a treat!

Jamie’s Italian

2011-04-20 @ 16:20:23

Antipasto at Jamie’s Italian restaurant. Yum!!!!! The olives may look mouth-watering but they were even more delicious than you can imagine!

On the way home with the bus, I got to sit first row on the top floor which is not an easy thing to do by the way. It gave me the opportunity to take an extra good look at the town. I love the many historical buildings and architecture that can be seen.

Opening of Ullens Latest Exhibition & Switch!

2011-01-17 @ 15:52:20

Original photograph taken by: Ren Hang

This Saturday I had the pleasure of being a plus one to the opening of new exhibitions at UCCA/Ullens in 798 Art District. The latest addition included Qiu & Ren Hang’s photographic exhibition Inner Ear, which showcased two different young Chinese photographers working in significantly different styles. The exhibition displayed some truly unique pieces that inspired a different outlook on both human interactions and self-isolation in the case of Ren Hang’s work.

Original photograph taken by: Ren Hang

Original photograph taken by: Qiu

Qiu’s work consisted of a series of black and white photographs that explored classic photography that featured elements characteristic of film noir. As poetic stills, these images become observations of a world that has become almost unknown to city folk. Pictures of serene trees, skies, butterflies and distant mountains.

Another series of works are that of Ling Jian’s Moon in Glass collection, all works purposefully featuring circular shapes in order to create spacial illusions that lead to infinite visual continuity. There were several mirrors within the space that created an interaction between the viewer and viewed works. With meticulous detail and skill applied, the painted canvases become as photographic as that of the printed mirrors.


After drinks at the reception and a tour given by UCCA Director Jérôme Sans, it was time to finish the day with a delicious lunch at Ullens’s restaurant Switch! I munched on Rösti with a super fresh salad as well and to beat the cold sipped on my favorite tea, jasmine. It was such an amazing day!



2010-12-28 @ 04:19:42

Yum! After some intensive shopping I stopped by Fumi to eat some Japanese. I enjoyed the always delicious vegetable tempura and teriyaki salmon.

I couldn’t resist taking this photo of my chopstick holder, super cute! It’s a fish!

Here is the master chef working hard, making the rice.

Octopus was available to anyone daring enough to try it. I really wanted to but chickened out last minute :( It looked soooo unbelievably cool though!

Cause for Celebration

2010-12-04 @ 16:11:54


Cause for celebration! After a long, hard day at the sewing factory where I intern it was time to whind down the evening by having dinner at the restaurant Salt. Reow! I feasted on some super healthy fish, steamed vegetables and eggplant lasagna. I also decided to jazz up the delicious food with a mango & mint margarita- a total must have!


Yum! My mango & mint margarita :)