An Object of Beauty

Craving some salacious gossip? If yes, then this is definitely the book for you. Written by Hollywood’s darling funny man actor Steve Martin, it is a compelling story about the scandalous journey of a young, ambitious woman struggling to make a name for herself in a world of multimillion dollar art auctions, flirty liaisons, and shady dealings. An easy but very entertaining read that I simply couldn’t put down until I finished it. Unlike the book Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton, this fictitious novel reads more like a season of the popular television series Sex and The City. Glitz and drama indeed!

Hampton Court Palace

Road trip! Took a short trip to the nearby Hampton Court Palace for a day of adventure and exploring. I’ve been very tempted to join their Salacious Gossip Tour as I absolutely adore hearing scandalous stories of life set in Baroque, Rococo court life. It’s a serious weakness of mine as I’ve even gone so far as to pick up a book by Antonia Fraser entitled Marie Antoinette, The Journey. I miss wandering the great halls of Versailles but for now Hampton Court will have to do as I’m no longer in Paris.

I walked a garden tour around the large grounds as the weather was perfect. My favorite area was without a doubt The Privy Garden. The stunning symmetrical patterns incorporate the original varieties of plants and marble sculptures as would have been seen back in the day. Love!

Drama! Instead of following the tempting Salacious Gossip Tour, I visited the lovely The Wild, the Beautiful, and the Damned exhibition which featured portraits of King Charles the II’s mistresses with stories of love and lust. Such juicy stories and stunning trophy portraits. A must see for anyone with the slightest interest in gorgeous portraiture or scandalous court affairs. Anyone seen The Tudors tv series? I have, and this is just as thrilling!

Yes, in conclusion this proved to be a very good palace to add to my vast pile of research for my own future palace or royal apartments.