Espace Louis Vuitton – Traces of Disappearance

The Soul of the World "Anima mundi" by Anne and Patrick Poirier Espace Louis Vuitton TokyoThe Soul of the World “Anima mundi”, by Anne and Patrick Poirier, Cone in metal, diameter: 600cm / height 700cm, a “living sculpture with living birds”.

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton’s art space which occupies the 7th floor of their vast Tokyo Omotesando boutique never seizes to amaze me with their interesting exhibition program and their Traces of Disappearance exhibition is no different. With a live bird sculpture and a gummy bear mosaic that mimics traditional stained glass windows, can you really blame me?

Naoya Hatakeyama 畠山 直哉Mont Ventoux, by Naoya Hatakeyama 畠山 直哉, 2005/2013, Consisting of a series of 12 C-Print images, 100 x 49 cm, framing structure 63 x 114 cm.

Traces of Disappearance Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo

Traces of Disappearance at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo(Mosaic) The Sheer Size of It, by Kasper Kovitz, Candy on Plexi-glass, diameter: 710cm.

Modern and Conceptual Art

DSCN5796Stack by Tony Cragg, 1975, wood, concrete, brick, metal, plastic, textile, cardboard and paper. This inspired me to pose the age old question of what is art and if this “sculpture” qualifies. What do you think? There’s no right or wrong answer as it’s much more a matter of opinion. I certainly know what I think but, the problem is that arguments can be made both for and against the argument of whether or not it qualifies. Considering the fact that it is prominently displayed in Tate Britain means that someone sure thought so.

Nowadays it almost feels like anything can be passed off as art or design without any requirement for skill, creativity or true imagination. A prestigious name is no longer a requirement either as this can be built up with the help of marketing, branding and deep pockets. For me, the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes often comes to mind when dealing with modern and conceptual art.

DSCN5818Here is some hilarious art related dialogue from the ridiculous but very entertaining Parks and Recreations TV-series season 2, episode 9 that I’m sure we can all relate to having felt at some point or another.

Tom: “Dude, what the hell kinda art is this? Looks like a lizard puking up skittles!”

Artist: “I’m an abstract expressionist.”

Tom: “No you’re a con artist.”


April: “Ok so this is a multimedia project. First a bunch of rat snag garbage and this is a tv screen it’ll be like a big flat screen tv and it’ll play looped video of knee surgeries and then this is a human sized hamster wheel that will be next to the mural if we can get one and it’ll be spinning and there will be like a fat guy in it all the time screaming and eating raw beef and bleeding, blood will like come out of his mouth and stuff and that will be like right next to the mural.”

Leslie: “I have one question, WHY…?”

Xhibit 2013

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 ExhibitionAs promised, here is a view into the completed Xhibit 2013 exhibition. I’d like to think that the other curators and I did a great job and didn’t offend any of the artists too much with the placement of their artwork. Enjoy!

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition

Xhibit, UAL London 2013 Exhibition


Art13 Olympia, London FairI have a new found interest and drum roll please… it’s attending art fairs! Yesterday I attended the fabulous new modern and contemporary art fair Art13, held in the Olympia Grand Hall.

Art13 London Fair Sculpture by Eilís O'ConnellConetwirl by Eilís O’Connell, 2008, Carbon fibre and epoxy resin, 300 x 530 x 250 cm.

Art13 Olympia London Art FairHaving recently attended the London Art Fair 2013 in Islington, which presented some of the great names of 20th century modern British art, as well as other contemporary art through the 130+ galleries featured, I couldn’t help but compare that experience to Art13. Although I enjoyed the Islington London Art Fair, Art13 somehow felt much more exciting, impressive and international with artwork from some of the world’s leading galleries on display from 30 countries.

Art13 Kensington (Olympia) London Art FairPaintings, photography, sculpture and prints were proudly on display in the beautifully arranged gallery spaces. The fair felt open and very inviting, allowing a seamless flow of cohesive aesthetics, ideas and trendy visitors. It was such a beautiful atmosphere!

Art13 Kensington (Olympia) London Art Fair Boat Sculpture by Artist Zhu JinshiThe interior view of the large-scale installation Boat by Zhu Jinshi, 2012, Xuan paper, bamboo, cotton thread, 1200 x 350 x 600 cm.

Art13 Olympia London Art FairI thought the fair was absolutely terrific and I certainly wouldn’t mind spending yet another day exploring the many artworks on show in finer detail and discussing them with their obliging gallery representatives. March 3rd is the last day of the 3 day long fair so be sure to take the time to stop by for a visit!