Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonIf you’re anything like me and tend to enjoy watching silver screen films all weekend long, you might just appreciate this wonderful new collection on display in the fabulous Belmacz gallery. It gives a glimpse into the notoriously private world of Swedish screen siren Greta Garbo through items from her personal wardrobe including everything from elegant gloves, straw hats, dresses, handkerchiefs, a cooking apron, and a fabulously unique yoga suit.

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonThe collection also features some wonderful inspired-by pieces such as this terrific Stephen Jones jersey ski cap, inspired by a hat Garbo wore in the film Ninotchka (1939).

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo London

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo LondonFilm, glamour, style, fame, fortune and a secret admirer too? It seems like Miss G had it all as this silk scarf with a personal love telegram stating Greta I love you guess who I am -r seems to prove. I wonder who it could be from…

Miss G, The Private World of Greta Garbo, Belmacz GalleryGarbo may have been best known for her glamorous, feminine film persona but off camera she preferred to dress in more masculine attire. Letting Garbo’s personal flair be an inspiration for modern icons such as us, Manolo Blahnik created these ‘Piola’ brogues, which will be available to order for September delivery. Exciting, I’ll certainly be keeping a look out for them!

Menswear on Bond Street

Canali Menswear 2013

It might not be spring or summer quite just yet but the menswear of Bond Street is definitely turning up the heat, muy caliente!

Canali Menswear 2013Call me crazy, but I absolutely adore checking out the beautifully styled luxury windows of Bond Street and imagining the handsome men that might fill the equally handsome suits featured. It seems I have a certain predisposition towards the deliciously sharp suits and fashions of Italian brands Canali and Corneliani, which are just so undeniably sexy and stylish!

Canali Menswear 2013

Corneliani Menswear 2013However difficult it may be, try to remain composed by keeping your tongues from wagging  in your mouths as the staff really don’t appreciate you salivating on their goods or windows :( Bummer, I know!

A Ferragamo Way of Life

Needless to say, I’m ready to move into my new life as the ultra-glam poster girl as seen in the Salvatore Ferragamo boutique here in Ginza, Tokyo. Ahhh, what a magnificent life wearing silk chiffon dresses, lovely fine Italian leather heels, all while walking on a fluffy white carpet similar to clouds. Paradise!

My next mission will be to locate the new Ferragamo scent Signorina and get sniffing to determine whether it’s time to add a new bottle to my perfume collection. I’m in love with the bottle! Another scent that I’m also considering is the Bottega Veneta perfume, which is absolutely yummy.

I’m also in need of some new flats so while I’m dreaming, these adorable shoes will be on my mind. One in every color to go with every look. Ohlala, remembering my fabulous trip to Firenze, Florence, last summer where I visited the Ferragamo Museo. Perfetto!

Christian Louboutin

When I first heard about this upcoming exhibition at the Design Museum, I was ecstatic and full of anticipation. Lucky for me, the just opened exhibition did not disappoint. It was a triumphant celebration of the amazing 20 year and counting career of French shoe designer Christian Louboutin and his unique journey. The atmosphere within the exhibition was fantastic with a bit of a circus, carnival theme with red carpets and interiors to match the iconic soles of Louboutin’s amazing creations. Shoe fetishists prepare yourselves because this is an event not to be missed! There is even a dedicated room, which must be a highlight for the true fetishists as it’s entitled the Fetish Room, d-r-a-m-a!

Not only were there enough shoes to convince you to take a much needed trip to the nearest Louboutin boutique to pick up some of his latest creations, but it was almost impossible to resist the urge to pet and try on the beautiful shoes on display. I really wish the exhibition would have doubled as a sort of pop-up store with the archived footwear as people would have been buying like crazy, me included of course! I loved the fact that there were also emphasis on Louboutin’s designs and sketches, which is essentially the foundation to any shoes. Conclusion: an absolute must see. You will never want to leave!

Designer Sample Sale

What better than a designer sample sale to keep one entertained on a rainy Friday afternoon? Held close to Bond Street tube station, it was in the perfect location, The Music Rooms, 26 South Molton Lane. An adorable quiet, little back street that I’ll certainly have to visit again as it had a few promising art galleries and antique dealerships that I’m curious to explore further. A nice break from the busy central Oxford Street.

I found the most fabulous jacket by Viktor & Rolf with a bit of fluff on the sleeves and chest and a bow tie that helped close the jacket in the neck. It was absolutely perfect except for the fact that I’d have to shrink myself in half to be able to fit it. Why?! Urgh, I guess that’s what you get when checking out a designer sample sale. At least no one can say that I didn’t try…

Other than the fabulous Viktor & Rolf jacket, the sale also featured big brands such as Vivienne Westwood, GianFranco Ferre, Margiela, Moschino, Sophia Kokosalaki, Dirk and many more.

A highlight for fellow shoe lovers would certainly be the gorgeous Betsey Johnson shoes that were well worth a look as one can never have too many heels that one doesn’t dare to wear.

One thing that I feel obligated to disclose is that you had to check your coat and bags upon entering so if that’s a deal breaker, be warned. The designer sample sale will be open again tomorrow from 10 am to 6 pm if you’d feel inclined to visit. If not this month, then there’s always next month but at the Chelsea Old Town Hall on May 25th, 26, 27.

Shoes for Show

2011-11-09 @ 00:23:28

Nicholas Kirkwood, Alice in Wonderland Heel, 2010

Visited the exhibition Shoes for Show- The Sculptural Art of High Heels in Brick Lane. The showcase displays heels as sculptures which were constructed for their beauty and not necessarily their function.

There were some amazing pieces on display! However, this is only natural when combining an elite sqaud of the world’s best footwear designers with the world’s leading fashion houses. Reow, that has me excited! The exhibition was really lovely, with fabulous shoes, and lighting that really showcased the heels at the height of their glory. It’s such an intriguing thought thinking about the future of shoe design and the numerous directions it can go in.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Meadham Kirchhoff, S/S 2012