The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities

DSCN7968Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the country in order to travel and see the world. You can still get your cultural fill by visiting small and slightly obscure museums such as this, the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden.

DSCN7975Although small, the museum displays antiquities from Egypt, Cyprus as well as Greece and Rome. In order to take full advantage of what the museum has to offer, I suggest viewing the collection in combination with a tasty light lunch at their Bagdad Café. The interiors are simple but their feta cheese, aubergine salad with olives and pine nuts is absolutely amazing.

DSCN7971I certainly wouldn’t mind bringing a few of the beautiful white marble statues from the collection home with me. Imagine the stunning interiors and baroque garden that could be created with such additions.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition From the Sidewalk to the CatwalkThe Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibition at the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design is a total must see!

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition From the Sidewalk to the CatwalkI first heard about the exhibition a year ago when lucky me spent the afternoon picking the brain of one of Gaultier’s nearest and dearest friends and colleagues. Ever since I’ve been waiting in anticipation to see the outcome of the exhibition and let me tell you it did not disappoint. So, if you find yourself in Stockholm, Sweden at the moment or in the near vicinity this is one of those exhibitions you just shouldn’t miss.

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition From the Sidewalk to the CatwalkLots of fierce and elaborate corsets were on show throughout the exhibition. My favorite corset was a sleek, tight crocodile front laced corset. Then to offset my previous choice, I also fell for a fabulous soft powder pink diva-esque corset like the one from the Gaultier fragrance.


Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

DSCN7962Jean Paul Gaultier has effectively proved himself a master of the hard, soft comb juxtaposing both materials and cut.


DSCN7858Pre-raphaelite much? Certain looks might as well have come straight from a Dante Gabriel Rossetti painting.


Up in the Air

Hej då Sverige! It time to say goodbye to Stockholm as I’m now heading back over to Tokyo. But before reaching my final destination, I’ll be making a quick pit stop in Copenhagen, Denmark to enjoy the city. What to you think of the view from the Scandinavian Airlines’ bathroom?

Small Luxuries and Delights

Luxuries can come in various forms, sizes, activities, and price range. Extravagances can be a long lovely bath with some delicious bath salts or a trip to a new gallery exhibit, a palace tour, a fabulous present/gift from a darling or from yourself – to yourself. Why not? As summer’s not yet over, I’ve tried to enjoy as many fruity flavors as I possibly could. I also indulged my sweet tooth by enjoying a little bag of old fashioned candy that I picked up at Gustav III’s Pavilion, called “sidenkuddar” in Swedish, silk cushions. Ahhh, filled with chocolate… A divine, colorful and tasty little treat.

Both drinks make a great alternative to summery rosé wines as they contain little or none alcohol. Best enjoyed al fresco, if only weather permits.

Baba ganoush at Medelhavsmuseet

Yum! I headed over to Medelhavsmuseet (the Mediterranean Museum) to enjoy the  neo-classical interior of the museum and some lunch at their Bagdad Café. The museum, located in central Stockholm, has a beautiful collection of ancient  and historical artifacts from the Mediterranean countries, from Mesopotamia and Egypt to the early Christian and Islamic cultures. Even though I travel frequently, it’s like a vacation in itself that can be just as fun without actually going anywhere.

The salads are absolutely delicious, a must try for anyone who finds themselves in the city! I ordered this stylish baba ganoush that always hits the spot when I’m craving something fresh, full of flavors and tasty textures.

(View from the cafe: My old stomping ground, The Royal Swedish Opera to the left, the National Museum in the distant background, and the Royal Palace to the right)

The recipe for those brave enough to give it a go themselves:

Oven bake an aubergine until soft.

Using a food processor mix in dill, garlic, chilli, bread and last flip in feta cheese.

*Remember when using the food processor not to make it too smooth. It should have a slightly chunky texture in the end.

Swedish Handicraft at Liljevalchs

Liljevalchs exhibition hall is currently honoring the tradition of Swedish handicraft in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Svenska Hemslöjdsföreningarnas Riksförbund. There was plenty of talent on display and I’m delighted to see the incorporation of traditional techniques being used with a modern twist. Let’s hope for a revival of traditional handicraft, which by the way, makes an excellent source of inspiration for designers worldwide. Enjoy!

By Annette Junebro

By: Apokalyps Labotek, Petra Lilja, Jenny Nordberg och kollektivet Yallatrappan, Skåne län.

By my super talented grandfather, artist and artisan Ralf Sikström.

Hem Slöjden På Liljevalchs

Ser du löven för alla träd?

Ser du träden för alla löv? (Do you see the trees for all the leaves?) A collaborative handicraft forest where every leaf was designed and created by separate individuals.

By: Sverker Eklund, Västra Götalands län

Apple Tree, Apple Pie

Heading out to my garden to pick some apples from my apple tree. I’m planning on making a delicious apple pie for a palace picnic. Oooo!

My recipe:

2dl Flour

1-2 Tablespoons sugar

100g Butter or margarine

-Mix the ingredients together with your fingers until in large crumbs.

-Butter your pie form and cover it with apple slices.

-On top of the apples, sprinkle an additional spoon of sugar with a half a spoon of cinnamon and the crumbs. Whack it in the oven, for approximately 20 minutes at 225 degrees Celcius. Enjoy with a bit of vanilla ice cream or vanilla custard. Delicious!

Gods & Gårdar

If you’re currently chained to a desk or unable to travel to beautiful palaces, castles and estates such as the ones I’ve recently been visiting but are still craving the atmospheres and glamour, then this is a magazine for you. Unfortunately, it is written in Swedish but I enjoy the fabuolus interiors nevertheless.

Gods & Gårdar is a lovely Swedish magazine that follows Swedish palace and estate owners into their beautiful homes and give us mere mortals a taste of their lovely authentic atmospheres filled with grand decors including fine art, antiquities, and great taste. Not to mention constant maintenance, dampness and draught… you name it, but that of course, we’ll neither have to see nor worry about.

This magazine happens to be a new found treasure of mine that helps ease the withdraw symptoms when it’s been too long since my last palace excursion. What about you? A fan of great interiors as well?