Swamped with Research

DSCN5916New projects, essays and assignments usually means that the cycle of research and background reading is about to begin anew. Here’s just a glimpse of what I’m currently reading.

Curating Subjects, Curating and the Educational Turn Books


Hard At Work

2011-01-30 @ 06:56:51

Apologies for the inactivity on my blog, but sometimes a girl has to work. Lately I’ve been working on several projects at once. Yesterday I finally started filming my psychological art thriller. I’m super excited to see how it turns out. Today I’m heading to the lab to begin editing and see how my clips turned out.

When not filming or editing my time is spent in the studio where I’m currently working on my latest painting.

Just Another Monday

Although it’s only Monday there is no way that I’m going to let that get in my way of becoming the uber fabulous fashionista that I’m destined to be. Even a ferocious beast needs to pass high school science. Therefore my Monday night will be spent inside yet again however, this time instead of reading a delicious Japanese magazine it will be my textbook  :(

Instead of letting the studying get me down, I figured it was time to light some of my extravagant candles and just get jiggy with it. Hopefully my Buddha will give me the power, strength and wisdom to ace my test. Wish me luck!