Small Luxuries and Delights

Luxuries can come in various forms, sizes, activities, and price range. Extravagances can be a long lovely bath with some delicious bath salts or a trip to a new gallery exhibit, a palace tour, a fabulous present/gift from a darling or from yourself – to yourself. Why not? As summer’s not yet over, I’ve tried to enjoy as many fruity flavors as I possibly could. I also indulged my sweet tooth by enjoying a little bag of old fashioned candy that I picked up at Gustav III’s Pavilion, called “sidenkuddar” in Swedish, silk cushions. Ahhh, filled with chocolate… A divine, colorful and tasty little treat.

Both drinks make a great alternative to summery rosé wines as they contain little or none alcohol. Best enjoyed al fresco, if only weather permits.

Skokloster Castle

Hello my dashing darlings, took a trip to the dramatic baroque castle Skokloster, only a short car ride away from the capital Stockholm.

The fierce castle was built between 1654 and 1676 and has been more or less untouched for more than 300 years. I absolutely adore the authentic atmospheres that come with these beautiful historical excursions. The gossip of the elite and filthy rich can also prove rather intriguing.

With each castle and palace that I visit, I always note the lovely ornaments and interiors, trying to take as much inspiration for my own little palace.

The banqueting hall remains unfinished and untouched since the death of Skokloster’s owner General Carl Gustaf Wrangel, who died in 1676. Tools and other building equipment remain in the exact same condition as the builders left it the day Wrangel died. This was out of fear that they would never get paid.

The armory is located at the top of castle and consists of three rooms worth of weapons including a kayak, Native American artifacts, stuffed exotic animals, a hammock and other toys, gadgets and showpieces of the time. It represented a farrago of everything that Man and Nature were capable of achieving.

Fish In The Sea

Summer by the cool and refreshing sea is such a treat. It becomes a lovely city break with the breeze in your hair, sun on your face and the faint smell of salt water lingering. I dipped my feet into the deliciously cool water and was relieved that there weren’t any fish nibbling on my toes such as in my fish therapy post.

As for tunes, I’m feeling Nina Simone’s song Feeling Good.

Enjoy the view!

Oscar & Clothilde

Went lifestyle shopping at the darling Oscar & Clothilde boutique on Styrmansgatan 12 here in Stockholm, Sweden.

The boutique features a charming selection of “gatherings and scatterlings” from various cultures, time periods and styles. I think I’m ready to move into the boutique and create my own little palace.

If you’re lost on how to decorate your own darling mansion, then ask the duo Malin and Martina in the boutique for help.

To see more from the Oscar & Clothilde assortment you can view their online boutique on the following link.

The store was filled with lots of lovely porcelain that reminded me of dining at my favorite French tea salon Ladurée. Pastel pinks and greens with a bit of white and gold and you know I’m in love.

Picked up this fabulous throw pillow depicting Kina slott, The Chinese Pavilion, an 18th century mini palace on the grounds of Drottningholms slott. I’m planning on stopping by the Chinese/Japanese themed mini palace later this week. Stay tuned for more.