In Search of the Perfect Chapéu

Finding the perfect hat to suit your face, personality, and style can be a challenge but a task well worth undertaking. Trying on various styles in front of a mirror at an interesting hat/milliner boutique is a good way to start but it helps to know what style you might be interested in. Be it a fedora, panama, pill box, cap, fascinator, beenie, etc. Hats are such a neglected accessory in the modern wardrobe which is truly a pity as not only are they stylish, they’re practical too. During winter they keep your head warm and during summer they protect you from the sun. P.S. They can also cover up a bad hair day, just an added bonus.


In my own search I took style inspiration from 17th century French musketeers or rather the costumes of BBC One’s new program The Musketeers. Having fallen for the character Aramis (played by Santiago Cabrera) and his stylish hat, this became my starting point. As you can see through the pictures I think I managed to get quite close to the original hat worn by Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) with my new CA4LA hat (picked up on a recent trip to Tokyo).

Musketeer AramisApart from the hat, another accessory that I wouldn’t mind having is Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) on my arms. However, if that’s not possible then I’d be able to settle for the hat, one of their leather doublets and perhaps even a rapier to put my classical fencing skills to good use. En garde!



Picture 1Now I realize that I may be little late to the party (just a couple of decades) in my new found interest towards the British BBC television series Blackadder with Rowan Atkinson but I simply couldn’t contain my excitement in sharing this absolute gem of a show. It reminds me of the 1999 tv-series Let Them Eat Cake! which was set in the Palace of Versailles in 1782 with the hilarious duo Jennifer Saunders playing a comtesse and Dawn French acting as her faithful maid at court.

Picture 3The character Blackadder, played by funnyman Rowan Atkinson serves as personal butler to actor Hugh Laurie playing the part of a foppish numskull Prince George during the 19th century regency era and the third installment of the series which I have just completed a mini marathon of. The show is full of dark humor, slightly ridiculous plots, quite fabulous costumes and simple, effective mise en scène. I’d love to be Hugh Laurie’s character in this still reclining on the day bed, preferably as well dressed and with the addition of some macaroons and bubbly on a silver tray next to me!

Picture 2If you’ve yet to see it, I’d strongly suggest that you take a moment and give it a try. It may be from the late 80s but that doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s still absolutely hilarious! Enjoy!