Christmas at Tiffany’s

Tiffany London Bond StreetForget about Breakfast at Tiffany’s and why not enjoy Christmas at Tiffany’s instead! Today I stopped by Bond Street to do a bit of Christmas shopping before I head back home to Tokyo and couldn’t help but admire the luxurious mix of a rococo Christmas theme as seen in their display windows.

Tiffany's London Bond StreetIt was beautifully classic and traditional without going completely overboard by trooping the colors red and green. Now, Tiffany wouldn’t necessarily be my first or favorite choice of jewelers but these windows almost had me reconsidering. Who can really resist the allure of crystal chandeliers, rococo furnishings and diamond jewels?

Tiffany London Bond StreetWhat are you hoping for this Christmas? A little iconic blue box from Tiffany on your doorstep?

Tsumori Chisato, ツモリチサト

It’s a jungle out there! As summer’s heating up, it seems appropriate to see the tropical rainforest theme in darling Tsumori Chisato’s Minami Aoyama boutique.

Palm trees, tropical birds and animals filled the funky window display. Great fun to see someone going all out on a wonderful theme.

NK’s Dramatic Window Displays

2011-08-25 @ 09:35:52

Spotted. I do declare the Stockholm store NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) winner of the the prize for most hilarious and smart window displays! With a theme of high fashion thieves that combined couture, money, mug shots in killer stiletto heels that were long, thin, and unbelievebly high, included every bit of suspense, even master cat theives. Love the drama! If you currently find yourself in Stockholm, Hamngatan, this display is certainly a must see. Enjoy the photos!

Welcome to Tokyo


For those of you who have not visited Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan for that matter, here are some real incentives. And what else could I be talking about if not shopping :) What say you to these gorgeous stores? Above is Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato’s store in central Omotesando.

Below are some pictures of the world famous designer Issey Miyake’s store also in downtown Omotesando. One of the great things about Tokyo is their great window displays. These two are by far ranking high in my top favorite happy and colorful window displays.