Gucci Café, グッチ カフェ

Stopped by Ginza’s Gucci building for some shopping and a bite to eat at their very own Gucci Café. Hidden away on the fourth floor, it’s not an easy place to find unless you’ve heard about it beforehand or happen to stumble upon it while shopping and exploring the many floors of the mega boutique. The lobby felt like a hotel reception area while the dining room featured lovely high ceilings and panoramic windows with a soft view over the Ginza neighborhood.

Fine dining in the sky, it felt like stepping into another time, a place where I might easily bump into a glamgoddess such as the ever so stylish Greta Garbo. It’s the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon and relax after exhausting oneself shopping.

The stylish Gucci menu. I found the perfect option to be a set lunch which is served between 11am to 3pm. It allows customers to choose a light meal option from the menu and pair it with a choice from their delicious dessert menu and refresh with either coffee, tea, or juice.

I had a light salad with a fresh juice and then indulged in a lemon tart with delicious Italian gelato for dessert. The café uses almost only made in Italy ingredients.

A very stylish crowd, including myself of course. Dress: linneabylinneanilsson

On my way out I picked up a goodie bag with some Gucci chocolates to enjoy later.

Stylish and delicious is my verdict.


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