The Linnaeus Garden

DSCN7296I hopped on a jet plane with the plan of landing in Sweden but instead it seems I’ve ended up in the 1700s. What a treat! The beautiful Linnaeus Garden (Linnéträdgården) in Uppsala played host to a fabulous event, a 1700s fair with authentic food, music, and interesting lectures.


DSCN7318Unfortunately I left my white, high, curly 1700s wig in Tokyo but that didn’t stop others from getting dressed up in terrific costumes.

DSCN7349The garden laid out in the French Style, is a reconstruction of what the garden would have looked like following Linnaeus’ and Carl Hårleman’s design from 1745.


DSCN7320One of the lectures included recipes, advice and food from the 1700s that was highly effective in painting a picture of what life might have been like at the time and let me tell you it was far less glamorous than the Marie Antoinette lifestyle I had envisioned and hoped for.

DSCN7321I also have to share the amazing Swedish program entitled Historieätarna (which roughly translates to the history eaters) where a pair of brave and highly entertaining individuals live, eat, dress and drink their way through different eras authentically. I highly recommend watching episode 5 of 6: Frihetstiden but bear in mind that the program is entirely in Swedish.


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